Suite of Assessments & Off the Shelf Programs

Transform Your Performance With Off-The-Shelf Programs & Assessments

Have an off-site meeting coming up and need a high-impact way to bring your team together? Churchill offers turnkey programs to fit your need.

Need assessments for Organizational. Leadership or Team Development ? We provide you a suite of assessments, plus expert coaches to guide you in undertanding your results and implementing this new insight to achieve your business goals. Here are some examples. Please reach out to discover how Churchill can best serve your unique needs!

Assessments and Workshops Around the Globe

Client Feedback


Strength Accelerated Team Effectiveness

“We learned how to lean on teammates for their strengths, ask for help in more meaningful ways and engage more in meetings to drive value. We have greater self-realization and the coaching has been very insightful to make CliftonStrengthsFinder® practical to increase our impact on the job. Thank you Churchill Leadership Group!”

-HR Operations Team, LinkedIn


Executive Coaching Assessments

“The insights I gained during our leadership coaching greatly influenced some changes I’ve made and I truly believe were key factors with helping me to help myself. I got my promotion!”

-Senior Leader, PayPal




“I have found my Churchill coaching meetings with you to be incredibly empowering. It is one thing to reflect upon the use of my strengths by way of journaling and spending more time focused upon them on my own, but it is quite another thing to have someone witness how I’m using them. This allows me to think and process out loud, to experience my own learning and observations, and to then have that objective 3 party offer their observations and name for me other ways of seeing how I’m evolving with the work….you’ve done that for me masterfully, and I have found that this has given me energy and refueled my spirit. I am grateful!!! Heartfelt thanks for your mindful guidance & wisdom.”

-VP Corporate Diversity Strategy & Operations, Sodexo

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