Transformational Leadership Development

Transformational Leadership Development

Transform Your People Leaders

Identifying, developing, and retaining talent are some of the most critical issues facing organizations today. Without the right leadership in place, you are jeopardizing your organization’s success. Consequences include lower engagement, higher talent attrition, more HR headaches, and, of course, reduced performance.

Churchill’s Transformational Leadership Development solutions help you gain a clearer picture of your leader’s capabilities and their needs for growth. We support you in developing the leadership impact you need today and to build the strong talent pipeline you need for the future.

Churchill offers you a suite of Leadership Development solutions, tailored to your needs, that can be scaled regionally or expanded globally.

Tailored Programs to Transform Your Leadership Impact

Client Feedback


Manager Effectiveness

“I’m constantly amazed at the breadth of experience with Churchill Leadership
Group’s network of coaches. When I managed a leadership development program for PayPal’s Office of the CIO, we targeted several key development areas for top talent cohorts. Churchill had a world-class coach with subject-matter expertise to deliver workshops and 1-1 coaching tailored to our needs. The results speak for themselves as we have a strong bench of ready-now IT leaders.”

-Employee Engagement and Organizational Development Global Leader, PayPal


Executive Coaching

“My team has risen to the top this year! My Churchill coach in 6 months helped me appreciate and own my strengths. Empowered me to be even better with Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, plus to use Body Language daily as a powerful communication aid. Incredibly useful. Please share my gratitude!”

-Director, Electronic Arts



“The learning experience and different exercises were relatable and relevant. Our Churchill coach gave great examples. It was very dynamic and informative. Learning the importance of empathy in active listening was key. I really enjoyed this workshop as it was interactive.”

-Global Manger Team, Celgene

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