As an executive stepping into a new role, you might feel that you must have all the knowledge and all the answers. 

When facing pressure from various angles, you want to do everything you can to feel that you are making the right decision. 

Although you have no doubt you can succeed on your own, you may be more at ease knowing you have an executive coach serving as your trusted partner.  

Executive coaching enables you to: 

  • Successfully transition into your new role 
  • Address blind spots and derailing behavior 
  • Build leadership confidence

Like any other profession and service, there are some myths about coaching that should be dispelled. 

Myth 1

Myth: An executive coach must have worked in the same industry/role as their client. 

Reality: A coach is equipped to work with a client regardless of serving in a similar role. 

Myth 2

Myth: Coaches are only for people that are struggling in their roles. 

Reality: A coach helps you optimize your performance and avoid/mitigate pitfalls before they happen. 

Myth 3

Myth: A coach will tell their clients what to do and how to do it. 

Reality: A coach is not a consultant. A consultant provides answers and suggestions. In contrast, a coach supports and encourages clients to think through and process challenges so the client can make the decision on their own.  

The power of coaching spans much farther than the recipient. An executive director at a pharmaceutical company received executive coaching from Churchill and provided this glimpse into the benefits received from their experience: 

“It’s been a wonderful journey of professional and personal growth working with my Churchill Executive Coach. I have been working with her for the past 3 years in my current role. She has helped me genuinely understand and identify my strengths, those things I am naturally better at, and apply these in a professional setting with outstanding results. Our sessions are action-packed and to the point. She is a superb listener and quickly grasps the current challenge I am working on. Regardless of how frustrated I may be, her calm and upbeat coaching provides a positive assurance and instant clarity on a better approach or solution. I highly recommend the Churchill team of executive coaches; you will not find a better executive coach or company to work with in this area. Your Churchill Coach will not only make you a better professional, they make you a better person.” 

Executive coaching is not only about performance and productivity. It also makes people better humans and therefore better servant leaders to their people. Businesses are run by people, and they depend on strong people and leaders to continue the legacy. 

This is the perfect time to partner with a reliable expert to help you navigate the rapid changes we are experiencing as the pandemic continues. Having a valuable partner in your corner as a sounding board to guide your thinking process and streamline your leadership skills is a powerful asset for every leader. 

Click on the links to learn more about Churchill’s Executive Coaching as a Managed Service and Executive Coaching 1 on 1 as Needed.  

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