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How Does Team Coaching Power Performance?

The majority of team effectiveness training focuses on dealing with individual challenges such as coaching the team leader, addressing a disruptive or less engaged team member, or replacing a colleague who just does not possess the experience and skills needed to succeed in the organization. While it does have an impact on the team, it is not enough for sustained team performance.

A systems-based approach to team improvement creates greater clarity on what needs to change. It takes the focus off individuals and silos, and places it on the team as a whole. Teams become more aware, aligned, and committed to collective growth and performance.

Join us as Churchill’s Jayne Jenkins interviews Coach Dana, a certified Team Coach, about why Team Coaching is in such high demand today with HR and Business Leaders as a solution to increase productivity and capability on teams across their organizations in a sustainable way.

We will be covering:

  • What Team Coaching is and Why it is so Valuable and Why Demand is Growing
  • Understand What An Exec Team/HR Wants from Team Coaching
  • Differentiate Team Coaching from 1 on 1 Executive Coaching
  • Identify success factors that make up a highly successful Team Coaching program
  • Decide if Team Coaching is right for your team(s)

Please download this handout that accompanies this webinar.

Are you ready to increase employee engagement, talent growth, and performance? Churchill partners with you to provide best-in-class coaches and growth strategies for leader and team development. Start the conversation at 888-486-8884 or drop us an email at


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Coach Dana, Leadership Development Solutions

About Dana 

Dana is chosen as a trusted executive coach by C-suite executives, vice presidents, and directors who regularly navigate a matrix of people and politics in complex organizations. She is a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Team Coach, TEDx speaker coach, a seasoned leadership facilitator and
workshop designer. Dana has enjoyed working with established leaders and their teams in companies from coast to coast.

She brings over 20 years of experience as an award-winning sales and marketing professional, business advisor, and thought-leading professional in executive leadership. With her trademark energy and wit, Dana leads groups of high-performing business executives to create aha moments when they discover unforeseen avenues to success. Whether providing personalized leadership coaching to an executive, working with a team over time, delivering keynote speeches to hundreds of people, or leading interactive sessions with senior teams, she builds on the expertise in the room and challenges the status quo to open up new horizons.


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Are you ready to increase employee engagement, talent growth and performance? Churchill partners with you to provide best-in-class coaches and growth strategies for leader and team development.

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