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Sustaining Your Resilience

Churchill Coach Una teaches how to Sustain Your Resilience and adapt with ease during these uncertain times. Resilience is the foundation stone for our wellbeing and impacts our level of effectiveness in all areas of life. When it is high we are able to give of our best and adapt with ease to whatever arises. When it is low we may be simply coping or worse with little capacity to manage change.

Join us for this bite-sized, interactive learning opportunity that will allow you to reflect on what is working for you to sustain your wellbeing at this extraordinary time of global crisis.

Resilience is definitely not something we can just pull out of the bag for the hard times. The aim of this session is to give you time to reflect and think creatively on how you can further build and sustain yourself both now and for the future.

The focus of this learning opportunity is on:

  • Understanding what resilience means in practice for you at this time of uncertainty and change
  • Building self-awareness of those things that give you energy and sustain your well-being day by day
  • Stretching yourself as you commit to taking action to further develop your resilience – no matter what the circumstances

There will be opportunities to both reflect and share as you:

  • Look back on your level of resilience in recent months
  • Spotlight what has been helping
  • Gain insight into the top enablers of resilience and the barriers that can get in the way
  • Share resilience tips and consider how to best develop a resilience practice personal to you and your specific needs and circumstances

Effective Strategies For Using Your Strengths To Be More Productive

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About Una

Una is a professional coach and facilitator (Certified with International Coach Federation, ICF) and a specialist in career transition. Her challenging, yet caring approach enables her clients to transform their mindset and fully embrace positive change.

Working with Una, leaders gain greater awareness of how to effectively leverage their strengths and those of their team while communicating their message with greater confidence. Una takes a systemic approach to any challenge, enabling the leader to realize and further develop their unique role within the organization and across external partnerships. Clients who work with Una say they feel reconnected with their purpose and energized to build collaborative working relationships that lead to success for all.


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