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December 11, 2018


Are You Stuck in Solve Mode?

Empowering Leaders for Performance and Growth

Here’s an example of the immediate benefits of becoming a leader coach:

“I used to spend too much time solving problems for my team members. I was in fire drill mode, frustrated from having the same conversations again and again. Through my training with Churchill, I adopted a coaching mindset and learned powerful coaching skills, and that all changed. I now empower team members to solve for themselves. I have been pleasantly surprised regarding how much we have all improved. I now have more time to think and to be strategic about our business.”

~Fortune 100 Silicon Valley client

Many leaders get stuck from doing more of the work than they should, getting into the details and solving for team members, instead of knowing how to empower and develop them. Once leaders learn how to be great leader coaches, they speed up trust, execution, and performance.

But, few leaders know how to coach. They need to be inspired and trained, and that is why we offer Churchill’s “Leader As Great Coach” program across the globe.

Here are a few tips from Mindy, Churchill Executive Coach, Organization Development Consultant, & Creative Problem Solver, to help you immediately start to coach:

  1. Slow down and reflect on the potential you see in each team member. Make notes. Get clear.
  2. Once clear on the strengths they have, challenge yourself to ask powerful questions to have your team member “self-discover” solutions.
  3. Focus on having the team member suggest next steps and how he/she will be accountable. Follow up. Make note of each time you get yourself out of “solve mode” and empower others. Celebrate your progress!

Effective Strategies For Using Your Strengths To Be More Productive


Additional Coaching Tips to Improve Your Productivity as a Leader

Ask yourself how your time is spent. In many cases, managers struggle with balancing their workload, their own projects, leading their team, and delivering what is expected of them. A classic Harvard Business Review issue, “Monkey On Your Back,” (originally published in 1974 and one of HBR’s best-selling reprints ever) addresses how managers often take on the problems or responsibilities of others, leading to lower productivity and lower engagement and motivation for all. In HBR’s reissue, Stephen R. Covey provided commentary on three kinds of management time:

Boss-imposed time (time used to accomplish activities your boss requires)

System-imposed time (time to accommodate requests from peers)

Self-imposed time (time to do those things you originate or agree to do)

Then, prioritize and control what you choose to do. Self-imposed time is where most managers have the most autonomy. Minimize the subordinate-imposed component by empowering team members to solve issues for themselves, freeing up time for boss-imposed and system-imposed activities.

Read Churchill’s articleManagers: Use Your Strengths To Avoid The Monkey” for more details on the HBR article, Covey’s commentary, and a detailed example of how manager Ted applied the process.

Invest in Becoming a Coach with “Leader as Great Coach”

Churchill Leader as Great Coach program empowers leaders to be great coaches. Coaching is both a leadership and a life skill, meaning your leaders can leverage coaching capability in many areas to be more effective: with team members, peers, customers, the boss, and even at home. Click here to learn more. Client Testimonial:

“Jayne and the Churchill Leadership Group have a rare and tremendous ability to help leaders in many professions unlock hidden talents and undiscovered potential. They motivate teams through the strategic exploration of qualities, roles, and unseen or otherwise unknown strengths. I am personally impressed by the potency of her presentation and, more importantly, the measure of her fulfillment.”

~ Chad, Summit Wealth

Churchill delivers high impact strengths-accelerated solutions that build stronger soft skills resulting in greater leadership and team engagement, growth, and performance. Contact us to learn more or schedule a 30-minute consultation.

Churchill Leadership Group. Level Up.

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For decades, Jayne learned to develop and engage leaders and teams in the corporate world and then went on to train as an Executive and Strengths Coach. During her corporate leadership tenure, she observed how much untapped talent existed and she is passionate about unleashing that talent for individual and organizational performance and growth. Jayne and her global Churchill team of over 200+ coaches and consultants partner with clients to provide solutions that build capability through harnessing strengths. Her certifications include: Executive Coach (PCC) Gallup CliftonStrengths®, Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC™), Marcus Buckingham Co. Stand Out, PROSCI® Change Management Consultant and Conversational Intelligence®. Global clients include eBay, PayPal, AMEX, Cardinal Health, BMS, Biogen, Coca-Cola, and many more.


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