Strengths Based Leadership and Team Development

Because Talent x Investment = Strength

At Churchill Leadership Group, we know from our experience and a wealth of research that strengths based leadership development consistently has a positive impact on employee engagement, workplace culture and business results.

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People who use their strengths every day at work:

  • Are more engaged
  • Perform better and more likely to deliver on expectations
  • Are more likely to stay with their current employer
  • Demonstrate increased management productivity
  • Become managers with demonstrated greater profitability within business units after receiving strengths-based feedback

As highlighted by Gallup, Talent x Investment = Strength is a formula to harness natural talents. “To turn those talents into strengths, you must invest in them — practice using them and add knowledge and skills to them.”

At Churchill, we believe in putting this powerful formula into action, identifying your leader’s and team’s talents, partnering with you to invest in strengths-based development, and providing your leaders and teams with the knowledge and skills training to take your organization’s talent to a new level of capability.

Tap Into Your Organization’s Talent to Develop Stronger, More Authentic Leaders

“Strengths science answers questions about what’s right with people rather than what’s wrong with them.”

- Don Clifton, Father of Strengths-Based Psychology

Harnessing positive psychology and Gallup’s extensive global research, Churchill Leadership Group centers its approach on accentuating individuals’ strengths in our programs. Our leadership coaches passionately champion strengths, employing tools such as Clifton Strengths® and strengths-based coaching to focus on what is right with people and expand it.

Through our programs, we empower clients to unlock their inherent talents and the talents present in their teams, fostering lasting motivation and sustainable growth. We aim to make our impact enduring – leaving a meaningful, lasting impression on your organization’s team culture, productivity, and profitability.

What is the evidence behind our strengths based leadership methodology?

▶︎ Engagement

People who use their strengths are more engaged at work. Gallup’s research analyzed 50K business units, 1.2M employees, 22 organizations across 45 countries. The results showed that 90% of groups receiving strengths intervention saw anywhere between a 9% and 15% increased engagement. Additionally, when managers focus on strengths employee engagement increased by 67%.

▶︎ Performance Reviews

People who use their strengths perform better. Just 14% of employees strongly agree that a performance review inspires them to improve. Compare this to 2,000 managers who were using a strengths-based approach were 1.9x more likely to be successful than those who don’t.

▶︎ Retention

People who use their strengths are more likely to stay. A study of 65,672 employees, saw a 14.9% lower turnover rate in employees who receive strengths feedback from their managers compared to those who received no feedback. Gallup also found that in organizations that focus on strengths, 85% of employees plan to be with the same company in 12 months, versus the 37% in organizations who do not focus on strengths.

▶︎ Productivity

Teams that utilize their strengths have increased productivity. When looking at 11 companies across 5 industries, 530 business units Gallup found that managers who received strengths feedback showed a 12.5% increase in productivity. A productivity study of 1874 individual employees found that those who received strengths training improved productivity by 7.8% compared to those who did not.

▶︎ Profitability

Teams who use their strengths have greater profitability. Gallup’s study provides profit data for 469 business units ranging from retail stores to manufacturing facilities. Those business units with managers receiving strengths feedback showed 8.9% greater profitability compared to those who did not.

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What is the evidence behind our strengths based methodology?

A strengths-based approach to management is the single best means of improving the employee-manager relationship that Gallup has observed over the years of working with organizations to improve employee engagement.

-Gallup research, Oxford Handbook of Positive Organizational Scholarship

Strengths-based leadership development is the “art and craft.” It is a strong coaching methods to reliably empower people and organizations to flourish.

In a 2020 Gallup article focused on examining which management practices make the most difference, the authors acknowledge that one can argue that there are practical benefits to management approaches that rely on objectives, goals, and Lean. However, these other talent development styles do not optimize people’s inherent strengths, making them less effective and efficient.

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