Alyssa Mitchell
Guest Author
May 22, 2020

Why Every Startup Should Have an Executive Coach

When it comes to startups weathering this storm, organizations will need all the help they can get. We’re living in unprecedented times, and having an executive coach on board can make all the difference when it comes to figuring out what steps to take now.

Setting clear goals

Now that startups are scrambling to make sure that operations continue as smoothly as possible, this short-term panic can mean that larger goals are forgotten about. While it’s certainly important to address the current pandemic and change business operations to suit, startups have to creatively think of ways to continue to meet long-term goals. Executive coaches can help leaders and managers reformulate their long-term goals in line with the pandemic and help craft a clear path forward to ensure that the startup continues to grow. This plan can include things such as a schedule for investors to reach out to, digital marketing campaigns to push, and the like.

The Startup notes that goal setting is what makes all the difference between failure and success. Working with an executive coach from within your industry is an important step to clarify your goals. If your startup focuses on app development, for example, work with your executive coach to outline when product launches should happen, how often software updates should occur, and the like.

Leveraging best practices

Your executive coach will have the real-world experience necessary to help you and your team manage the tricky business world. The dynamic startup business scene has a lot to teach budding entrepreneurs, but it can prove difficult to know just where to begin. Experience isn’t something you can acquire overnight, which is why an executive coach is crucial to help navigate the ever-changing startup landscape.

Speaking of dynamic business environments, an executive coach can also put you and your team in contact with other industry leaders. Your executive coach widens your business network, which can prove invaluable in the long run.


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Helping managers and founders grow as leaders

Our post on Leading with Compassion During Crisis points out that employees need emotional support from their leaders now more than ever. Soft skills are a bit harder to pick up than hard skills, and this is where managers will need to lean on their executive coaches. Working with an executive coach helps managers see how to address mental health concerns, how to boost team morale, and how to make sure your employees know that communication lines are always open. Sometimes all it takes is an outsider to help you see how your actions and words may be affecting others.

A good executive coach isn’t just someone who helps you grow your business. The right executive coach is someone who will help you develop your own leadership skills and ensure your employees are being taken care of. After all, the mark of a good leader is how they treat even the lowest rank-and-file employee.

These three key reasons should make the decision to invest in an executive coach clearer than ever. If you’re looking for your business to truly succeed, working with an executive coach is the way to do it.

Interested in bringing an executive coach in to support your startup? Churchill would love to explore your needs and see if you’re a good fit. Feel free to contact us.

You can find more information on Churchill’s Executive Coaching as a Managed Service for your entire organization, or our On-Demand Executive Coaching for individuals.

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