“The CliftonStrengths workshop really helped me understand that as a team we can leverage each other’s strengths to get stuff done. Simply having the workshop enabled me to take a pause and reflect on my conversations and to think how to make them better. It built my confidence in that I don’t need to be another person to do a great job. My strengths are my assets and potential and I can be proud of them.”

-Leader, MyHR, eBay Berlin – Churchill’s CliftonStrengths® Workshop


“The value was learning how to use the different communication tools was the most important to me because it will help with our jobs moving forward. Recognising the importance and benefit of showing vulnerability and the impact that this has on others and on building trust was powerful!” 

-Leader, MyHR, eBay – Churchill’s Conversational Intelligence® Workshop


“I see the opportunity to excel and use my strengths and which areas I should focus more on improving and how I can use those strengths for better success for my team. I will be more aware of my interactions with others and stepping out of the box to spend more time thinking about the overall goals of the agency to align and inspire the team.”

-CEO, Webb Insurance – Churchill’s StrengthsFinder® Discovery Workshop


“This workshop helped me find my strengths and use them day to day at work, and actually be proud of them! I can connect the dots between my strengths and the work I do. The exercise of mapping out my top job responsibilities and “What I do best” and now knowing where the gap is, was very valuable. Understanding the importance and significance of being a good mentor to others was empowering. I will apply my top strengths more effectively every day, improving how I work with people and I will focus on leveraging my strengths and managing my weaknesses.”

-Leader, PayPal APAC – Churchill’s StrengthsFinder® and Mentoring Workshop


“The value for me was learning and practicing new tools to help us be better communicators. Learning my strengths and how to apply those strengths to different scenarios for a greater impact. Learning tools that are straightforward, practical and can help us improve our behavior and outcomes. Both awareness of T.R.U.S.T and the concept of using our own strengths together.”

-Leader, MyHR, eBay – Churchill’s CliftonStrengths® and Conversational Intelligence® Workshop


“The entire Churchill workshop was awesome! Learning how to use my strengths rather than weaknesses, and even discussing them with others. Discovering my strengths have been a huge part of my success unknowingly! I will talk with my manager and try Churchill’s tips to get more chances to better develop my strengths.”

-Leader, PayPal MTS global development program – Churchill’s CliftonStrengths® Workshop


“The best part for me was being able to get into my manager’s shoes and think from his perspective and help build a working relationship with my manager. Understanding my manager’s style and learning how to communicate with my Manager and convey my strengths & work style to them. I will work on my relationship with my manager and help him succeed by recognizing areas where I can do the most good.”

-Leader, PayPal MTS global development program – Churchill’s CliftonStrengths®  and “Managing Up” Workshop


“The best part for me was the team strengths view, sharing strengths with teammates and appreciating each other’s strengths. I will put a positive strengths focus in place to help with draining or difficult projects or relationships. Thinking about the “next level” of a strength to help me grow naturally makes so much sense!

-Senior Manager, LinkedIn –  Churchill’s StrengthFinder® and Prioritizing Workshop


“It was a great workshop – knowing my strengths but also how or what that means to others. I will now be able to better relate to my staff and use my strengths to benefit my position and  engage my team in producing more.”

-Executive, Wesley Chapel CliftonStrengths® Workshop