“The most valuable part of the workshop was learning about the trust model and how to improve your communication skills with customers and managers. Understanding the different levels you can have in a conversation and understanding people’s strengths and how to work with them collaboratively. Offered me great tools that I can utilise in both work and home life to have great conversations.”

-Leader, MyHR, eBay – Churchill’s Conversational Intelligence® Workshop


“I loved learning more about my talents (strengths) and that they are integral to my success if developed and utilized. As well as seeing the various strengths of the team members I work with every day. The best part for me was the accuracy and relative simplicity of the Strengths Finder tool itself. I will research my strengths to learn more about them to continue to benefit from them.

-Director, Cott Beverage / Refresco Inc. – Churchill’s CliftonStrengths® Discovery Workshop