Our Methodology

We deliver results with our customized approach to leadership and team development.

We provide the vision, frameworks, and processes to help your organization achieve its leadership goals. HR and senior business leaders from around the globe trust our team of executive coaches, consultants and trainers.

Each Client Engagement is Built Around 5 Success Factors

1) Customized Learning Journeys

Churchill delivers customized cohort learning journeys to meet your need and align with your culture, business goals, and the learning experience your people crave. Our “modular” approach brings you the right blend of subject matter expert (SME) delivered and self-paced bite-size training, coaching, and facilitation, plus lots of relevant action learning to ensure learners are equipped and confident for transformation. We prioritize “Human-Centered” leadership development, with high accountability.

Your programs are delivered in a way that works best for your learners. The length of the engagement, and session duration, with face-to-face and Zoom, asynchronous and synchronous learning options. All are focused on enhancing the soft skill capabilities needed to meet your business challenges.

Commonly requested learning outcomes include:

  • How to give meaningful feedback, and coach for growth and performance
  • How to have effective one-on-one and team meetings that lead to innovation and growth
  • How to deal with conflict, communicate effectively and collaborate across matrix teams
  • How to engage, motivate and retain talent and ensure career development
  • How to be more strategic, and implement systems thinking
  • How to lead a diverse, equitable, and included organization (DE&I)

2) Bite-sized Learning

To fit the needs of busy learners, and to prevent the “forgetting curve,” the learning experience is engaging, relevant, and can be gamified. Rather than cramming everything into a multi-day workshop, we introduce bite-sized learning that builds, giving learners the chance to experiment with peers, then practice at work. We then regroup for feedback, coaching, and peer best practice sharing.

3) Cohort Delivery

Our cohort approach harnesses the power of peer-to-peer influence, diverse learning, and success sharing. Employees want social learning and benefit from working in small groups together. This cohort approach helps increase psychological safety and relationships across the cohort, helping to break down communication silos in your organization, and across matrix teams.

4) Strengths Accelerated Growth

Global research and our own experience inform us that strengths accelerated development positively impact employee engagement, growth, and workplace culture. Employees who use their strengths every day at work:

  • Are more likely to stay with their current employer – 14.9% lower turnover rate
  • Perform better and are more likely to deliver on expectations
  • Are between 9% and 15% more engaged at work

We see excellent results with Managers too:

  • Managers who receive strengths-based feedback have a 12.5% increase in productivity
  • Leading to an 8.9% greater profitability within those business units
  • Managers using strengths-based approaches were 1/9x more likely to be successful than those managers who did not

5) Accountability with 4 Measures of Success

We get excited when your leaders and teams grow in a way that impacts your business and its purpose. We want leaders to say, “this helped me do my job better!”

Therefore, we measure and build accountability around these 4 indicators:

  1. Learning experience, staying agile to constantly improve it
  2. Mindset and skill improvement versus established objectives
  3. Behavioral change, with numerous approaches to do this
  4. Impact on your business people
Churchill’s clients love our coaching solutions because of our…
  • Bench-Strength of Coaches Who Care
  • Global Scalability
  • Customized Flexible Solutions
  • Positive Strengths-Based Methodology

Sources: 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study
Gallup Ongoing Workplace Research 2012

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Step 2. We Engage Your Leaders

Our leadership development solutions are customized to the audience and based on a well-proven methodology that ensures sustainable success, whether delivered in-person or remote.

Step 3. Leadership Grows

99% of our clients report satisfaction with their overall coaching experience, with 86% of our clients reporting they earned back more than their investment in coaching.

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