Team Performance Coaching

Now is the time to empower your teams to harness their diverse potential and strengths for accelerated, sustainable performance.

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Customized Team Coaching Solutions

We provide blended, highly experiential learning programs so your teams will experience higher engagement, growth, and productivity.

Why Focus on Team Performance?

Team Performance is a common challenge faced by HR and senior leaders. Why? Most of the work in your organization is delivered by a team, or a matrix of teams and our “potential” develops best in response to effectively working with other human beings. In most organizations, team performance is the key to success.

Yet 9 out of your 10* teams are not performing to their potential. In our highly competitive, rapidly changing global economy every organization feels the pressure to improve performance. On top of that  employees are demanding growth opportunities, for their ideas to be heard and to be empowered. Teams are your potential to achieve that. In fact, team dynamics expert and author Patrick Lencioni states:

“It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

Yet, few companies teach their employees how to operate as a sustainably high-performing team. To help meet this challenge, the Churchill Leadership Group offers a systems-based approach to team improvement which creates greater clarity on what needs to change with your teams.

Our programs take the focus off individuals and silos and places it on the team as a whole. Teams become more aware, aligned, and committed to their collective growth and performance.

Common reasons to invest in team performance?

Whether you have new teams that need to merge and get off to a fast start, teams struggling with conflict and underlying trust issues , or high-performing teams who need to deliver on a critical goal, Churchill’s strengths-accelerated team performance solutions can meet your unique needs.

Churchill Leadership Group brings you 4 Team Performance Solutions, each is a customized powerful learning journey that bring your team together to:

  • Diagnose and agree on the the priority desired changes, focused on the team’s business goals and purpose
  • Increase self-awareness of habits and behaviors that currently impact team dynamics (assessments and stakeholder input)
  • Establishment “rules of engagement” to achieve success together
  • Develop from team coaching, facilitation, best practice training and action-learning, relevant to the work of the team
  • Measure and celebrate successes together
A team performance investment is ideal for executive teams, senior management teams and other organization critical teams, including virtual, international, and multicultural. Churchill has a large global team of certified team coaches, bringing your rich and relevant experience to fit your team’s need.

Team Coaching Solutions – Trusted by HR and Senior Leaders

Our 4 Team Coaching Services

Team Coaching for Performance

Ideal for executive and critical teams.

We empower your team to understand its unique “system” and improve its Positivity and Productivity. We see ~20% improvement in just 6-12 months. You get pre- and post-evaluations, a team roadmap, and a transformational team coaching learning journey while you work on your business.


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Team Accelerator Coaching

Revolutionize the way your teams work so they can deliver better products and services – faster. This program truly empowers your team to work on your priority business goals, removing roadblocks and discovering better ways of working.

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Team Bonding and Engagement

It has always been important to carve out quality time to allow a team to bond and find successful ways of working together. With changes in today’s workplace, it may be more important than ever. This program identifies and accelerates “the diversity and potential” of the team and helps you apply it for greater growth and performance.

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Overcoming the 5 Team Dysfunctions

Did you know there are 5 common dsyfunctions that teams across all types of organizations face? Clients trust Churchill to provide solutions to these challenges, creating teams that are more cohesive and and performance focused.

overcome team challenges with coaching

Case Study: Team Performance Training for Medical / Pharmaceutical Firm

The new team wanted to create a solid foundation for working together, as well as resolve some old issues related to the reorganization and two previously separate teams.

Download the Team Performance Training Case Study

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How Churchill’s Team Performance Coaching Benefits You

▶︎ Relevant skills for today’s leaders

Leaders must adapt their mindset, behaviors, and skills to succeed in today’s complex workplace. Our coaching provides leaders  the customized growth, tools and accountability to stay relevant.

▶︎ Real-world leadership experience

Our 400+ global certified coaches deliver coaching, consulting, facilitation and training, complemented by their rich leadership and team performance experience.

▶︎ Strengths-accelerated methodology

Using CliftonStrengths®, 360s and other assessments, we increase self-awareness, inspire a growth mindset and harness natural talent for authentic and sustainable growth.

▶︎ A focus on measurable outcomes

We have high standards for our clients and expect your organization to receive significant benefits from our partnership. Ask us about our methodology for measuring and reporting results.

▶︎ We future-proof your leaders

Our coaching programs ensure that today’s leaders can adapt, upskill and reskill with the abilities and confidence to deliver today and into the future.

▶︎ Global footprint

Churchill’s team of 400+ coaches is diverse and located across North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. We can scale delivery to meet your regional, language and cultural needs.

▶︎ An agile and flexible partner

Through building a high trust long-term partnership, we meet you where you are, provide you with what you need, and ensure constant improvement.

▶︎ Trusted by HR and senior leadership

For over a decade, well-known companies worldwide have relied on Churchill to deliver leadership and team talent development aligned to business and culture objectives.

Or call 1-888-486-8884 to speak directly to Jayne Jenkins, founder and CEO of Churchill Leadership Group.

We’ll Match You with One of Our 400+ Coaches that are best suited to your leadership coaching requirements.

Step 1. You Talk, We Listen

Tell us about the challenges you face with your talent development goals. We’ll listen, learn, and work together to create a plan to get you where you want to be.

Step 2. We Engage Your Leaders

Our leadership development solutions are customized to the audience and based on a well-proven methodology that ensures sustainable success, whether delivered in-person or remote.

Step 3. Leadership Grows

99% of our clients report satisfaction with their overall coaching experience, with 86% of our clients reporting they earned back more than their investment in coaching.

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