Leadership Training for Managers

When your managers are provided with leadership training and development, your entire organization benefits.

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Investing in the development of your managers is a scalable way to maximize employee engagement, growth, and retention – all while developing your future leadership bench strength.

Are your managers set up for success?

Organizations typically spend 30%+ of their budget on their workforce, so it is critical to find ways to get a strong return on your workforce investments. For most organizations, managers (aka your people leaders), make up a key component of those workforce investments. Great people leaders can plan, organize, inspire and coach, and direct resources to achieve specific goals, and do so while interacting with their employees as well as the many stakeholders they serve. Because they have an impact on so many, good to bad, investing in leadership development for these managers is important.

Clients rely on the Churchill Leadership Group to create customized manager effectiveness learning solutions. We partner with you to understand where you are, prioritize the development needs of your managers and deliver a proven learning journey that gets results. When your managers grow, everyone benefits.

Gallup found managers are not set up for success:

36% of managers do not fully believ they have the skills they need to do their best work.

56% of managers say their employer doesn’t offer a professional development program.

58% of employees say poor management is the most significant thing getting in the way of productivity.

Churchill’s Manager Effectiveness – Commonly Requested Topics

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See Significant Success This Year With Manager Effectiveness Training

Your Opportunity:

An investment in your managers can help achieve your retention, talent growth, and engagement goals.

When Google invested in making managers great, they benefited from a quality improvement of 75%, even in their worst-performing managers!

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Trusted by HR and Senior Leaders

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Why is Manager Effectiveness so Important?

An effective team management approach produces happy, engaged, and productive employees. The best part is that this approach guarantees an improved and better bottom-line for the company.

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More Data

When Google experimented with working without managers, employees were left without guidance on their most basic needs. Google employees concluded that the quality of their manager is more important than their compensation.

  • Employee engagement directly affects retention, productivity, and performance and costs the US $390Bn/yr
  • But, 70% of talent is NOT engaged. Employees lack passion for their work and fail to contribute the extra effort you need from them.
  • Managers influence 70%* of engagement. However, only 35% of managers are engaged - compounding the problem!


Most ineffective managers exist due to a lack of development. Too many have not received any training let alone advanced development.  Contact us to learn more about our customized learning journeys for your people leaders.

Case Study: Manager Effectiveness Training

We partnered with a leading managed IT services company to deliver our Strengths-Accelerated Manager Effectiveness Program. It was custom designed to build, deploy, and sustain the transformational soft-skills these managers and the business needed.

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How Leadership Training for Managers Benefits Your Organization

▶︎ Relevant skills for today's leaders

Leaders must adapt their mindset, behaviors, and skills to succeed in today's complex workplace. Our coaching provides leaders  the customized growth, tools and accountability to stay relevant.

▶︎ Real-world leadership experience

Our 400+ global certified coaches deliver coaching, consulting, facilitation and training, complemented by their rich leadership and team performance experience.

▶︎ Strengths-accelerated methodology

Using CliftonStrengths®, 360s and other assessments, we increase self-awareness, inspire a growth mindset and harness natural talent for authentic and sustainable growth.

▶︎ A focus on measurable outcomes

We have high standards for our clients and expect your organization to receive significant benefits from our partnership. Ask us about our methodology for measuring and reporting results.

▶︎ We future-proof your leaders

Our coaching programs ensure that today's leaders can adapt, upskill and reskill with the abilities and confidence to deliver today and into the future.

▶︎ Global footprint

Churchill's team of 400+ coaches is diverse and located across North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. We can scale delivery to meet your regional, language and cultural needs.

▶︎ An agile and flexible partner

Through building a high trust long-term partnership, we meet you where you are, provide you with what you need, and ensure constant improvement.

▶︎ Trusted by HR and senior leadership

For over a decade, well-known companies worldwide have relied on Churchill to deliver leadership and team talent development aligned to business and culture objectives.

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We'll Match You with One of Our 400+ Coaches that are best suited to your leadership coaching requirements.

Step 1. You Talk, We Listen

Tell us about the challenges you face with your talent development goals. We’ll listen, learn, and work together to create a plan to get you where you want to be.

Step 2. We Engage Your Leaders

Our leadership development solutions are customized to the audience and based on a well-proven methodology that ensures sustainable success, whether delivered in-person or remote.

Step 3. Leadership Grows

99% of our clients report satisfaction with their overall coaching experience, with 86% of our clients reporting they earned back more than their investment in coaching.

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“Our teams truly enjoyed the training and they received a lot of valuable information and ideas that they can now apply to be better people managers. Our Churchill team provided great guidance, education and coaching to ensure that the IT Management Team recognized and understood levers to improve Employee Engagement and Communication. Churchill are a wonderful resource and brought tremendous value to enlightening and engaging our management team.”

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