Great Organizations Have Leaders Who Are Also Great Coaches

Get the training your leaders need to become great coaches and accelerate talent growth and performance across your organization with the “Leader as Great Coach” program.

Leader As Great Coach Training

We Help You Build an Internal Coaching Culture

Organizations with leaders who have regular, effective coaching conversations report higher employee engagement, greater innovation, productivity, and stronger talent development.*

Clients Choose Churchill’s “Leader as Great Coach” Program to Solve Common Problems Such As:

  • Our leaders don’t give effective feedback.
  • Managers don’t provide career development to retain and grow our talent!
  • Our managers are not having regular, effective 1 on 1s.
  • We need leaders to listen to employees to uncover innovative solutions.
  • Managers need to set clearer expectations and build accountability.
  • We need all managers at a higher level of leadership competence.
  • We need leaders who can be empathetic and build psychological safety.
  • We need to build a growth mindset, to learn from problems and evolve.
Train your leaders to become great coaches

Organizations with Strong Coaching Behaviors Report*:

  • 13% stronger business results
  • 26% more effective at holding costs at or below competitors
  • 48% more effective at developing great leaders
  • 42% higher employee productivity
train executives to be great coaches

We Empower Your Leaders to Have a Powerful Conversational Shift

Leaders who are great coaches have transformational conversations with their teams and employees

Empower “Coaching at Scale” with Leader As Great Coach

Employee expectations have significantly changed, and organizations are struggling to hire, develop and retain talent. While many understand the value of executive coaching for senior leadership, they also want to offer ‘coaching at scale,’ to give more employees growth opportunities. Doing so helps you create a culture that values growth, fosters inclusion and a stronger sense of purpose and accountability. More organizations realize that a very effective way to do that is to build an internal coaching culture and capability by training leaders to coach.

To satisfy the need of our clients, the Churchill Leadership Group created the Leader As Great Coach program in 2014 to transform leaders to become Leader Coaches. It has been embraced by many Fortune 1000 global companies and the program continues to adapt and evolve based on “future of work” needs.

By completing this program, Leaders Coaches are able to prioritize the growth of people and results by building high-trust relationships, being empathetic, non judgmental listeners, who inspire growth and accountability, and help others discover innovative business solutions every day. Leader Coaches become your performance catalysts by having the conversations employees and colleagues need to succeed.

Our Methodology for “Leader As Great Coach” – A Customized, Cohort-Based, Experiential Learning Journey

If your organization wants to make a successful scalable investment in coaching you need to go beyond a workshop. Your leaders need a quality, role-relevant learning experience that will transform mindsets and behaviors, and equip them with the skills and confidence to effectively coach in many real-world situations.

Participants enjoy a blended cohort learning experience that fits their schedule and just in time needs. They learn from Churchill coaching experts and their peers, harnessing new insight and coaching best practices with plenty of real-world practice. In addition, they share successes to scale the positive impact across your organization. Our Churchill Team has learned how to make learning very relevant to your leaders and the work they do. You will see how coaching confidence and momentum build as each leader sees the impact of his or her coaching.

Critical Success Factors in Churchill’s “Leader As Great Coach” Program:

We empower with a coaching mindset, skills, and toolkit with 70% of the program being action-learning.

We customize it to be relevant to the leadership role, level, culture, and language.

We use change management best practices to ensure positive sustainable change.

leader as great coaching training

We harness peer cohorts to build bonds and scale successes across your organization. We train employees how to be coachable.

We measure the success of the experience, coaching ability and confidence, plus business impact and ROI.

We partner to align to your business strategy and we offer a Train-the-Trainer so you can deliver yourself.

Our Customized Approach

We believe in customizing your learning journey because no one has your unique needs. We partner with you to deliver an experience that feels like it was built for your organization, relevant to your leaders and their work. A program that is scalable, delivered in many languages, with in-person or virtual delivery.

What Results Can You Expect?

A Silicon Valley Fortune 500 Client where over 2500 leaders have completed the program since 2016.
A sample of early results after only 10 weeks:

benefits of training leaders to be better coaches
how to train your leaders to become coaches

Trusted by HR and Senior Leaders

Leader as Great Coach – Free Educational Webinars

Why Your Leaders Need Coaching Skills

Join leader-coach experts Mindy and Jayne as they explore why your organization needs to build a coaching culture as part of your business and talent development strategy.

Why do your Leaders need Coaching Skills

When your leaders at all levels are “Great Coaches,” they are equipped to have more effective, powerful coaching conversations with team members and colleagues to increase productivity and engage your talent.

You will learn:

  • What a Leader Coach is
  • How a Leader Coach is different from a regular leader
  • Why organizations build greater coaching capability
  • The benefits of scalable coaching
  • How you can get started
Equipping Your Leaders with Coaching Skills Training

How Equipping Your Leaders with Coaching Skills Helps You Achieve Business Goals

Leader-Coach experts Maik and Jayne have empowered >2000 Leader Coaches in global organizations. Watch to explore how to build coaching skills at all levels in your organization that help you achieve business goals.

Disruptive change is now the norm. To cope companies are moving toward something different: a paradigm where leaders and managers utilize a coaching mindset and skill set to give support and guidance rather than instructions. Thereby, empowering employees to SOLVE for themselves, adapt and move faster – in turn accelerating talent growth, and driving innovation.

You will learn:

  • Why leaders with coaching skills are even more relevant right now
  • How Coaching Skills can increase feedback and accountability
  • How Coaching Skills increase your customer focus
  • How Coaching Skills help you lead change

Corporate Case Study: How to Build an Organization-Wide Coaching Culture and Capability

This Silicon Valley giant believes great leaders are great coaches. They partnered globally with Churchill to expand their leadership capability and scale coaching in order to increase talent growth and performance.

Churchill’s customized solution included a change management strategy and its “Leader as Great Coach” program which delivered a global 10-week highly experiential blended learning journey for this client’s 3500 people leaders.

How Churchill’s Global Coaching Solutions Benefit You

▶︎ Relevant skills for today’s leaders

Leaders must adapt their mindset, behaviors, and skills to succeed in today’s complex workplace. Our coaching provides leaders  the customized growth, tools and accountability to stay relevant.

▶︎ Real-world leadership experience

Our 400+ global certified coaches deliver coaching, consulting, facilitation and training, complemented by their rich leadership and team performance experience.

▶︎ Strengths-accelerated methodology

Using CliftonStrengths®, 360s and other assessments, we increase self-awareness, inspire a growth mindset and harness natural talent for authentic and sustainable growth.

▶︎ A focus on measurable outcomes

We have high standards for our clients and expect your organization to receive significant benefits from our partnership. Ask us about our methodology for measuring and reporting results.

▶︎ We future-proof your leaders

Our coaching programs ensure that today’s leaders can adapt, upskill and reskill with the abilities and confidence to deliver today and into the future.

▶︎ Global footprint

Churchill’s team of 400+ coaches is diverse and located across North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. We can scale delivery to meet your regional, language and cultural needs.

▶︎ An agile and flexible partner

Through building a high trust long-term partnership, we meet you where you are, provide you with what you need, and ensure constant improvement.

▶︎ Trusted by HR and senior leadership

For over a decade, well-known companies worldwide have relied on Churchill to deliver leadership and team talent development aligned to business and culture objectives.

Or call 1-888-486-8884 to speak directly to Jayne Jenkins, founder and CEO of Churchill Leadership Group.

We’ll Match You with One of Our 400+ Coaches that are best suited to your leadership coaching requirements.

Step 1. You Talk, We Listen

Tell us about the challenges you face with your talent development goals. We’ll listen, learn, and work together to create a plan to get you where you want to be.

Step 2. We Engage Your Leaders

Our leadership development solutions are customized to the audience and based on a well-proven methodology that ensures sustainable success, whether delivered in-person or remote.

Step 3. Leadership Grows

99% of our clients report satisfaction with their overall coaching experience, with 86% of our clients reporting they earned back more than their investment in coaching.

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