Executive Coaching Creates
Stronger, More Authentic Leaders

Through ongoing leadership development, we help our clients reach the highest human impact and business performance levels.

executive coaching solutions for large companies
executive coaching services for large companies
executive coaching solutions to help transition to larger roles
executive coaching to build leadership qualities
Train - address Leadership Blind spots

Visionary leaders who are able to influence and inspire greatness in others are one of the most valuable assets of an organization.

Executive coaching creates those valuable assets

If you are looking to strengthen your high potential leaders with executive coaching services, the Churchill Leadership Group can help. Churchill’s customized Executive Coaching solutions support highly motivated leaders to learn, grow and deliver more. We identify each leader’s unique needs and match them with the Churchill Coach best suited to help them achieve their goals, and meet the expectations of your employees and your organizational. Common reasons clients invest is for leaders to: Take on bigger roles; Lead complex change; Build vital soft skills; Become more Human-Centric, Embrace diversity, Be supported in a leadership program.

Now is the time to strategically develop your executives and senior leaders

More Corporations and Government Agencies see the value of investing in executive coaching, but tell us it is a struggle to keep on top of the engagements and manage the process in a way that shows a positive ROI and aligns with their talent development strategies.

With Churchill’s choice of customized, structured, and flexible coaching solutions, plus the right level of support we provide, your organization can strategically build your learning culture, identify where to invest, and measure the coaching impact on your leaders, their teams, and your business.

Executive Coaching Trusted by HR and Senior Business Leaders

We Offer 2 Executive Coaching Services: A Managed Service and On-Demand 

Our Executive Coaching Managed Service offers you a 1-Stop-Shop of solutions.

Churchill’s Coaching Managed Service is a popular solution for our clients who need scalable coaching services. It gives your organization a full-service suite of global coaching options that are customizable and adaptable to fit your changing needs.

executive coaching as a managed service

Who should centralize their executive coaching?

If your organization uses 10 or more executive coaching engagements per year then please reach out to discover the benefits of Churchill’s Executive
Coaching Managed Service solution. Doing so can help you:

  • Decrease the headache of multiple vendors
  • Strategically manage your engagements
  • Align coaching with your leadership expectations
  • Maximize your budget and ROI
  • Communicate results to senior leaders
  • Empower talent and build leadership bench strength
executive coaching as needed

Executive Coaching On-Demand.

If you need one, or a regular supply of high-quality coaches over time, Churchill is your trusted partner. We provide you a choice of carefully selected coaches plus a proven strengths-accelerated methodology to increase the impact of your executives and high potential talent.


“My Churchill coach has significant experience in coaching executives with strong technical backgrounds and responsibilities, and that experience was invaluable. She gave me new tools and techniques, and became a sounding board for me to transcend to the next level of leader I needed to rapidly become. I was able to off-load a huge portion of my daily activities to my extremely talented team to focus on higher level issues and strategic items and not get bogged down in the weeds.”

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What is Executive Coaching?

A proven-effective, method-based approach to identifying and applying the leader’s strengths and potential to accelerate the organization’s goals. It is a Leadership Development investment to improve growth and performance. and accelerate personal and professional development. Intended for executives, high-profile, and emerging leaders, it is focused on creating self-awareness and self-management and facilitating sustainable growth to achieve an agreed-upon set of goals. The coach builds a high-trust partnership with their coachee and provides a regular safe place for thought-provoking conversations and a creative process that inspires the coachee to maximize their potential. Churchill’s Executive Coaches help leaders break through limiting beliefs and develop the mindsets, behaviors, and soft skills needed in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. Our coaches strive to empower adaptive, human-centric leaders equipped to lead their people, empowering engagement and scaling innovation and productivity. Our coaches are certified and experienced in helping leaders identify powerful options for solving organizational challenges and realizing opportunities. The coach provides the leader with tools, frameworks, and relevant practices for sustainable growth.

What role can executive coaching services play within your organization?

Nowadays organizations invest in executive coaching because they value and believe in their leaders, and want to accelerate their potential. Executive Coaching is a strategic investment to support your talent development strategy. It can be used to build leadership bench strength for succession planning, accelerate the growth of leaders to meet your business and employees expectations, retain talent by investing in high potential leaders enabling them to achieve career goals, and helping leaders level-up to meet the demands of today’s work world. Whatever your goal, Churchill will partner you with the best coaches to help you achieve it.

What is Churchill’s methodology for delivering Executive Coaching success?

We partner to understand your vision, and talent development goals. Then for each leader, we customize the engagement, which typically includes:

  • Align on desired outcomes, contract, and match the best coach.
  • Prepare trusted stakeholders to give feedback and feed-forward.
  • 360 and strengths assessments, debriefs and coaching.
  • Finalize SMART goals and coaching plan.
  • Deliver customized, strengths-accelerated coaching and tool-kit.
  • Real-time observations through shadowing sessions (optional).
  • Measure success, ROI, and celebrate progress.
  • Implement a plan for sustainable growth.

Case Study: Executive Coaching as a Managed Service

This global, integrated Healthcare Services & Products Company has engaged Churchill for over seven years as its Executive Coaching partner. They implement Churchill’s Coaching Managed Service to centralize coaching, track progress, and benefit organization-wide from coaching best practices.

Download this Executive Coaching Case Study as a PDF

case study executive coaching

How Churchill’s Leadership Coaching Benefits You

▶︎ Relevant skills for today’s leaders

Leaders must adapt their mindset, behaviors, and skills to succeed in today’s complex workplace. Our coaching provides leaders  the customized growth, tools and accountability to stay relevant.

▶︎ Real-world leadership experience

Our 400+ global certified coaches deliver coaching, consulting, facilitation and training, complemented by their rich leadership and team performance experience.

▶︎ Strengths-accelerated methodology

Using CliftonStrengths®, 360s and other assessments, we increase self-awareness, inspire a growth mindset and harness natural talent for authentic and sustainable growth.

▶︎ A focus on measurable outcomes

We have high standards for our clients and expect your organization to receive significant benefits from our partnership. Ask us about our methodology for measuring and reporting results.

▶︎ We future-proof your leaders

Our coaching programs ensure that today’s leaders can adapt, upskill and reskill with the abilities and confidence to deliver today and into the future.

▶︎ Global footprint

Churchill’s team of 400+ coaches is diverse and located across North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. We can scale delivery to meet your regional, language and cultural needs.

▶︎ An agile and flexible partner

Through building a high trust long-term partnership, we meet you where you are, provide you with what you need, and ensure constant improvement.

▶︎ Trusted by HR and senior leadership

For over a decade, well-known companies worldwide have relied on Churchill to deliver leadership and team talent development aligned to business and culture objectives.

Or call 1-888-486-8884 to speak directly to Jayne Jenkins, founder and CEO of Churchill Leadership Group.

We’ll Match You with One of Our 400+ Coaches that are best suited to your leadership coaching requirements.

Step 1. You Talk, We Listen

Tell us about the challenges you face with your talent development goals. We’ll listen, learn, and work together to create a plan to get you where you want to be.

Step 2. We Engage Your Leaders

Our leadership development solutions are customized to the audience and based on a well-proven methodology that ensures sustainable success, whether delivered in-person or remote.

Step 3. Leadership Grows

99% of our clients report satisfaction with their overall coaching experience, with 86% of our clients reporting they earned back more than their investment in coaching.

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