A Flexible Coaching-On-Demand Program

Churchill’s Coaching-On-Demand Program Using Our Optify Platform

Does your organization need a more flexible coaching option that allows you to use high-quality coaching where and when you need it across all levels of your organization and easily track utilization and progress? Then this is the solution for you.

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What makes the Coaching-On-Demand Program Unique?

High-impact coaching to empower powerful soft skills with flexibility and agility!
Clients choose this approach to add coaching to accelerate their training programs, support a retention strategy, and upskill their workforce with leadership and soft skills.

Three Flexible Program Options

We customized your onboarding based on your development strategy and business needs. This includes setting you up for success with our Optify coaching platform. You choose one or a blend of these flexible program types:

  1. One-on-One coaching for three or six hours, with an optional Assessment Accelerator
  2. A 360 assessment and debrief, plus coaching and an optional Assessment Accelerator
  3. Group Coaching with an optional Assessment Accelerator

One-on-One Coaching

Address leadership blind spots

360, Debrief and Coaching

Globe successfully transition into bigger roles

Group Coaching

build leadership confidence and speed

My organization has provided associates with an “as-needed” coaching program, and I have been meeting with Coach Renee bi-weekly. She is great at listening to me and interpreting my needs. This has been very effective because she makes me think about my situation to solve my issues.

The way she approaches our discussions helps me learn more about myself and why I may be struggling in certain areas so that I can determine what I want to do. For me, this has more meaning than someone just giving me an answer. I am in the driver’s seat, and Renee is a great guide!  

– RNC Client in partnership with Lockton

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“My Coach is very available whenever I need her support. She allows me to determine the frequency of our meetings but also reaches out if she has not heard from me in a while. I feel like she really cares about me and my growth process.” 

– RNC Client in partnership with Lockton

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Innovation with Our Optify Coaching Platform

Coaching is organized and tracked through Churchill’s secure and Innovative Optify Coaching Platform, built on International Coaching Federation (ICF) ethics, offering you these benefits:

  • Customization of your coaching programs

  • Coach selection

  • Establish goals and track progress

  • Schedule coaching sessions

  • Development assignments using our built-in development Resource Library

  • Dashboard for program sponsor to measure program progress and performance

  • Track coaching topic trends to inform your organizational needs

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