“I had the pleasure of attending Churchill’s  “Coaching Refresher” training in October 2018. Maik facilitated an excellent session that both refreshed and built on the previous training that we have received on this topic. This was the first time I had attended a session where the facilitator/trainer was dialed in using remote facilities. The session/content was very well structured and the group remained engaged throughout. Going into the session I was unsure how well the use of remote facilities would work but having now attended the session I have to admit it was excellent and worked very well. A large part of why it worked so well is due to the expertise/experience of Maik who was clearly passionate about the chosen topic and ensuring that we enjoyed and benefited from the session.”

-Paul, eBay – Churchill’s Leader As Great Coach 


“Learning to take a step back, and having a plan to prepare for a coaching session with my employees was very valuable. Understanding the current mistakes I make in communicating with my employees was empowering. Learning the importance of collaborating with my employees to get their  “buy-in” and commitment to the plan, by understanding what his or her drivers are was key. Learning to ask open-ended questions and giving the associate the room to give me honest feedback will definitely help improve our trust.”

-Director, MyUS – Churchill’s Leader As Great Coach Learning Journey 


“Really enjoyed the Churchill facilitators we had. They had a very senior group of leaders from APAC with many different points of view, and they were always open to listening and helping move the conversation forward. Provided practical application of the skills with well-rounded theory. They really increased my knowledge and understanding of the areas I can improve immediately. Great job, really helped us over the 2 days and challenged us in a good way to find our own answers. Very thankful I got this opportunity. I will definitely use going forward.”

-Director, eBay


“Surprised at how much I appreciated this Churchill training. Many, many leadership training in the past and they don’t compare to what I learned in 2 days. The training by this facilitator was the best training I’ve received in 2.5 years at eBay and probably the last decade. Surprisingly and impressively well done, and this comes from someone who has seen many of these come and go.”

-Chief of Staff, eBay


“I think each and every people manager in the company should be required to attend this Churchill training. I also think the people that we manage should receive training on this “coaching” process so they are prepared to take more initiative in their own career development, project completion, etc.”

-Senior Leader, eBay


“Great Churchill program, it reinvigorated my belief in coaching and also raised my hopes that this is not just the latest fad … a big investment should reflect the true intent of the company.”

-Executive, eBay


“Attending the Churchill/eBay Leader as Coach program helped me massively to transition my people management style to a coach-like people leader, laying out the methodological foundation to build powerful, effective and loyal teams. I observed myself in what a short time daily interactions/conversations can become more meaningful, structured and impactful through self-reflection, active listening and asking powerful questions, thanks to the coaching principles I learned during LaC. Maik is an inspiring Coach/Facilitator who empowered me to learn from his experience and always held me accountable for my commitments on my learning-path throughout the program. I will highly recommend this program to my peers to help others become better people leaders as well.” 

– F. Schmitt, Team Lead Yield Operations, eBay Kleinanzeigen


“The Japanese culture is a service-oriented mindset, which the seller (as my customer), was always assumed to be right and it was always my duty to be able to solve their problems right away. However, the Churchill Leader as Coach program has helped me shift this relationship. With the sellers that I have a very strong relationship with, I have started to change my approach, and it’s helped us create more of a partnership. Instead of just giving sellers answers right away, I have learned to ask powerful open-ended questions that help them develop solutions that we can build on together. The Leader as Coach program has made it easier for me to ask them what they really want to achieve, allowing them to feel more committed to the actions that they take, and giving us the opportunity to build a solution and a timeline together. Building these kinds of trusting relationships with sellers allows us to really communicate like partners, create a mutual goal that we work to achieve together, and build off each other’s great ideas.” 

– Chikara Nakazato, Category Manager, eBay


“Yesterday’s Churchill webinar about “Building a Great Leader-as-Coach Culture” was EXCELLENT and I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. I am working with a corporation that should invest in creating a better culture for their people and your words really resonate to me. Thank you very much.” 

-HR Leader, Canadian Transport Organization – Leader As Great Coach For Driving Strategic Initiviates 


“Our leaders agreed they left the Churchill training with new techniques and better awareness when coaching their employees. They wanted me to again thank you for everything you have done to assist with their growth.  I continue to hear from the guys that it’s all about slowing down and asking the powerful questions rather than assuming, and it was in their nature to assume, so it was great to hear that sunk in from yesterday!”

– HR and Training Manager, MyUS.com – Leader As Great Coach Learning Journey 


“This workshop’s coaching practice was great for me because I could be practice from the perspective of being the coach, observer, and client. Sharing observations with each other was really helpful. The practice of how to ask powerful questions and share observations was a very important and effective way to improve any type of conversation. I loved the Churchill coaching tips, and the practical opportunity to practice. Great pace, clear insight and a safe,  positive environment. Churchill coach Cary is wonderful. Great depth of knowledge.”

-MyHR, Shanghai – Churchill’s Leader as Great Coach Workshop


“This was a practical hands-on approach in a safe environment. A combination of learning and experiential practice. Churchill created a very respectful, stress-free environment, enabling me to build my confidence and my ability to be a coach. The understanding that I don’t need to be a subject matter expert in order to help people more forward was powerful. I will change my approach in conversations to have a coaching conversation wherever more appropriate.”

-EMEA Manager, eBay – Churchill’s Leader as Great Coach Program