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Jayne Jenkins
CEO and Executive Coach
July 18, 2019


Leader As Coach Seminar with FLHRPS – Churchill in Action!

On June 18th and 19th in Tampa and Orlando, Florida, Jayne Jenkins, CEO of Churchill Leadership Group, led a seminar called “Leader As Coach”. This event was partnered with the FLHRPS (Florida Human Resources People and Strategy). Dozens of HR directors and executives of various companies attended these events to gain insight on how to be a great leader and coach in their organizations.

When people generally think of someone being a great leader, they think of others naturally following them and abiding by their goals and mission. While it is important for managers to be leaders in this way, coaching employees is even more critical. Coaching signifies taking each employee as an individual, sitting them down, hearing them out, tending to their specific needs as a unique person, and having a hands-on relationship with them. To take it a step further, great coaches also follow up and give their people the tools they need to succeed. In this seminar, participants learned to:

  • Recognize the value of building a coaching culture and capability across their organization
  • Discover how other large organizations have done this successfully
  • Explore critical decision points and success factors in order to create a plan and implement it at their organization. 

Once HR professionals understood the importance and positive ROI of coaching, they began buzzing about strategizing and implementation techniques. Many of them shared their company’s current best practices and stories of the most impactful leaders as coaches they have encountered in their careers. This environment of collaboration and synergy created a space for maximum learning potential. 

The expert guidance Senior HR Leaders most valued:

  • The critical nature of leading effective change and how to engage executives 
  • Best practices to design a Leader as Coach program
  • Common challenges for design and deployment 
  • How to make a program fit your unique needs 

Effective Strategies For Using Your Strengths To Be More Productive


“I think it was a great session and the crowd was one of the best we have had for some time!

-President FLHRPS – Florida Human Resources People & Strategy


95% saw direct benefits to the organization

96% saw benefits to the individual

Source: ILM research on creating a coaching culture

We can confidently say that these seminars were deemed beneficial and successful by the HR directors and executives that attended them. Participants were further given the opportunity to network prior to and post the event to allow them to learn and develop new ideas and coaching approaches to take home with them. If you and your organization would, too, like to reap the benefits of becoming better leader coaches that these People Managers have, please contact us to find out how Churchill can help you.

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About Jayne
For decades, Jayne learned to develop and engage leaders and teams in the corporate world and then went on to train as an Executive and Strengths Coach. During her corporate leadership tenure, she observed how much untapped talent existed and she is passionate about unleashing that talent for individual and organizational performance and growth. Jayne and her global Churchill team of over 200+ coaches and consultants partner with clients to provide solutions that build capability through harnessing strengths. Her certifications include: Executive Coach (PCC) Gallup CliftonStrengths®, Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC™), Marcus Buckingham Co. Stand Out, PROSCI® Change Management Consultant and Conversational Intelligence®. Global clients include eBay, PayPal, AMEX, Cardinal Health, BMS, Biogen, Coca-Cola, and many more.


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