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Renee Fritschen
Former Head of Global Leadership Development at eBay, Plumgig CEO Team Performance Expert

Victoria Alexander Carney
Vice President, Learning and Development at Signature Healthcare

Svetlana Yedreshteyn
Head of Organizational Development & Learning at OneMain Financial


Greg Gates
Managing Director and Chief Technology & Information Officer at LPL Financial

Leaders at all levels of organizations are currently facing two significant problems due to the pandemic:
1. Higher talent turnover rate
2. Challenges with team effectiveness in a hybrid-work environment

The two problems are related. Leaders need to proactively adapt the ways they think, behave, and act to be successful.

In this webinar, with our panel of business and HR executives, you will learn the best practices for how people leaders can shift to succeed. Together we will explore diverse approaches to return to the office, best practices for hybrid leadership, leadership mindset and behaviors, and approaches to retain and engage talent.


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