“My Churchill coach in 6 months helped me appreciate and own my strengths. Empowered me to be even better with Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, plus to use Body Language daily as a powerful communication aid. Incredibly useful. Please share my gratitude!”

-Director, Electronic Arts – Executive Coaching 


“Thank you for the coaching – It has truly been an eye-opening and changing event for me.  Your support and guidance has been great and I always looked forward to the calls. I appreciate the feedback and guidance you provided over the last 6 months and am confident that I will be able to sustain the positive changes as a result.”

-Leader, Cardinal Health –  Executive Coaching  


“Excellent work! Good insights that helped us define our value and to build our “power base” and development strategies for professional growth and career development. Telling our value stories and discovering our goals and seeing which path to take. Churchill’s powerful questions really made us think! I loved it and the concepts stuck!”

-Leader, Bristol-Myers Squibb – Executive Coaching 


“Because of my Churchill coaching, I have felt more confident about my presence within my organization and what I’m trying to accomplish for the company. I am better able to deliver to the Partner Teams and Partners. I now exercise thought leadership skills instead of just people management skills. I am better prepared for presentations and meetings and more efficient with meetings and getting things done. I am now able to map out my stakeholders for my position and I hitting my stride!”

-Technology Cloud Leader – Executive Coaching 


“My Churchill executive coach helped me to focus on what my team needs and to align my style with their needs. She also helped me to make my 1:1s much more productive. I have used the skill-building tools I received in my work with CL to advise my own development plan which has helped me to grow as both a leader and as a person.  THANK YOU!”

– VP Government Affairs, WellCare – Executive Coaching 


“I want to thank you so much for Coach Traci.  She’s an absolutely wonderful coach for my leadership development!”

-Leader, PayPal – Executive Coaching 


“I am excited to write this recommendation for Churchill. My work with my Executive Coach has been exemplary. She teaches, inspires and works from a program that is based on a simple concept – we are all more effective, productive and happier playing to our strengths…and not over-focusing on weaknesses. I found this philosophy and the way that she delivers it, to be very powerful, energizing and instinctively on base. I personally received an immediate boost from the program working with Churchill, and my coach and I have continued to work together. I found my coach and the program to be so effective, we are planning to implement this with our company’s entire executive team. My coach is one of the most professional and empowered people I’ve ever met or worked with and I strongly recommend her to any individual or team leader that is interested in bringing about transformative and energizing improvement. Year first hired: 2013 Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert”

-Allen COO Infusion Brands – Executive Coaching 


“As I approached the Strengths coaching session with Churchill, I could not imagine how anyone could focus on my strengths, as I had spent most of my life critiquing myself constantly. While I had always gravitated to tasks that leveraged my strengths, I never understood why. In just 90 minutes, my coach helped me understand the roles where I can bring the most value to my team and what I love to do so clearly, I cannot imagine doing anything else! She kept me focused on my strongest assets – and how to leverage them to make the changes I knew I needed to make to improve my impact. Instead of looking at these aspects as weaknesses, we focused on how to use my strengths to change in these areas. What a refreshing approach! I only wish I had this insight at the beginning of my career and cannot wait to engage my team in better understanding and leveraging their own strength roles. I would recommend Churchill’s Coaching to any executive wanting to improve their own impact and engage their team to improve productivity and business results. There is no doubt in my mind that it will.”

-Kim, Dir. Marketing, Roche Diagnostics, A Global Leader in Healthcare – Strengths Coaching 


“Churchill’s gift for understanding people and uncovering their strengths is truly impressive! With personal coaching, my Strengths were given life. I became aware of how I could continue reaching my potential by leveraging my strengths and how my strengths could benefit my team, my organization, and our customers. My coach’s wisdom and experience has helped me define a path to become a better leader and contributor. Thank you for the enlightening experience! I look forward to using this knowledge to deliver the highest impact on my career journey ahead!”

-Kathy, Global Enterprise Technology, eBay – Executive Coaching 


“I have found my coaching meetings with my Churchill coach to be incredibly empowering.  It is one thing to reflect upon the use of my strengths by way of journaling and spending more time focused upon them on my own, but it is quite another thing to have someone witness how I’m using them.  This allows me to think and process out loud, to experience my own learning and observations, and to then have that objective 3rd party offer their observations and name for me other ways of seeing how I’m evolving with the work….you’ve done that for me masterfully, and I have found that this has given me energy and refueled my spirit. I am grateful!!! Heartfelt thanks for your mindful guidance & wisdom.”

-VP Corporate Diversity Strategy & Operations, Sodexo – Strengths Coaching 


“I learned strategic ways to capitalize on strengths-based performance; The ability to be aware of and think about how my strengths react with my team’s strengths and the “pros and cons” impact of that. I can now improve our team meetings to improve our team overall unity and productivity!”

-COO Executive, Lutheran Services Florida – Churchill’s Executive Coaching