“My Churchill coach has significant experience in coaching executives with strong technical backgrounds and responsibilities, and that experience was invaluable. She gave me new tools and techniques and became a sounding board for me to transcend to the next level of leader I needed to rapidly become. I was able to off-load a huge portion of my daily activities to my extremely talented team to focus on higher-level issues and strategic items and not get bogged down in the weeds.”

-CTO, High-Tech Organization – Churchill’s Executive Coaching 


“It’s been a wonderful journey of professional and personal growth working with my Churchill Executive Coach. I have been working with her for the past 3 years in my current role as Executive Director of North American Regional Supply for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. She has helped me genuinely understand and identify my strengths, those things I am naturally better at, and apply these in a professional setting with outstanding results. Our sessions are action packed and to the point. She is a superb listener and quickly grasps the current challenge I am working on. Regardless of how frustrated I may be, Her calm and upbeat coaching provides a positive assurance and instant clarity on a better approach or solution. I highly recommend the Churchill team of executive coaches; you will not find a better executive coach or company to work with in this area. Your Churchill Coach will not only make you a better professional, they make you a better person.”

-Mark Holder, Exec. Dir Regional Supply, AstraZeneca – Churchill’s Executive Coaching