“Your Churchill  C-IQ presentations made me realize I do most (85%) of the talking in my team meetings and it is exhausting for me too. I will now take a different approach.”

-JK, Retail, CIO FL


“Churchill’s presentation was very enlightening and allowed me the opportunity to self-reflect on my communication style and how it impacts those around me.”

-Stanley, Pilgrim Quality


“Thanks again Churchill, for two outstanding Communications workshops!  The team truly enjoyed the training and I believe that they received a lot of valuable information and ideas that they can now apply to better communicate.”

– VP HR, MyUS.com 


“It is vitally important to be highly effective in your conversations. You must consider it your responsibility to deliver clear, concise and impactful communications in all professional settings throughout your day. The great news is that everyone can develop and refine the skill of being brief. Thank you Churchill!”

-VP Finance, Banking