Coach Spotlight


Denver, Colorado

Top 5 Strengths

  • Command
  • Self-Assurance
  • Activator
  • Strategic
  • Futuristic


Maria became an executive coach because she believes we can solve the problems facing our world today by bringing out the best in each one of us, challenging the status quo and by thinking differently about who we are and what we do, one leader, one team and one company at a time. She brings her clients in-depth CliftonStrengths® expertise and as a coach she helps each client turn talent into strength in their role as a leader in business and of others. Maria’s certifications include the CPCC Certification from The Coaches Training Institute and an ACC from ICF The International Coach Federation. The greatest value she brings to her clients is that she will bring out the best in people with a very direct, open and holistic approach.


She balances her ability to be direct, to challenge and push. Maria’s strong desire to make positive sustainable changes in leaders’ thinking, action and emotion, will affect every aspect of his or her life and the live’s of those around them.

Maria quickly helps leaders identify their talent, take ownership of who they are, and aim their strengths toward your coaching goals. Each leader achieves deeper personal fulfillment with exceptional professional performance. Maria also works with leaders who “overdo” their talent, causing challenges for them and those around them. Maria empowers leaders to get even better by partnering with each client to build greater self-awareness and strong change strategies that are still very authentic to each client.

Education/Trainings/ Certifications/Assessments

  • CPCC Certification from the Coaching Training Institute
  • ACC Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation
  • Gallup CliftonStrengths® Certified Coach
  • Open 360
  • Team Optimization
  • CTI Engagement Assessment
  • B.S. in International Business

Past Clients/Industries

Maria has experience in total enterprise solutions, biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals with a specialty in neuroscience and endocrinology. Clients include Quanex, Stryker, Beacon Roofing Supply, The Executive Team, and University of Colorado.


“Maria applies a truly holistic approach to her coaching and through our work together I gained insights about myself and my leadership style that have helped me be more influential. She is a true professional and a student of her craft. The opportunity to work with Maria is a gift.”

– Lara Latham, Vice President HCS, Stryker

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