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New York

Top 5 Strengths

  • Learner
  • Restorative
  • Intellection
  • Responsibility
  • Relator​


Deborah is a former restaurateur who now supports organizations to build cultures of trust, alleviating workplace stress, and empowering individuals to realize their leadership potential and optimized productivity. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and has been featured on Bloomberg Surveillance TV. She is also a frequent contributor to the business blogging website, Iris, as well as the women’s lifestyle website, The Three Tomatoes. Deborah is also a GLG Council Member, sits on the Global Advisory Council of IMPACT Leadership 21, the NYC Leadership Council of BIAAG, and the Board of Directors at SEEK Safely.

Deborah has been working with motivated professionals since 2009 in the capacity of executive coach, workshop facilitator with customized live and virtual programming, and program developer. She has a BS from Cornell University and is certified in Conversational Intelligence®. It’s Deborah’s personal mission to:

  • Support motivated professionals in realizing their greatest career and personal potential
  • Partner with organizations in building cultures of trust, alleviating workplace stress, and empowering leaders, teams, and individuals to realize their leadership potential and optimized productivity


Deborah focuses on areas of coaching and training that are essential for individuals and companies to thrive in the 21st century workplace environment. She uses a leadership platform called “GRACE in the Workplace” (Grit, Resilience, Authenticity, Confidence, Emotional Intelligence). In addition, she also focuses on diversity and inclusion and intentional productivity. Her coaching is rooted in neuroscience and her strategies are personalized to the individual.

Deborah believes that true potential can be realized when aspirations are aligned with values and intentional practices are employed continuously. Deborah’s philosophy, “people’s greatest roadblocks live between their ears”, has allowed her to practice as a ‘compassionate but tough coach.’ Her coaching is built on a foundation of neuroscience, which is a key to emotional and mental energy. Her role is to assist leaders in reaching their ambitions by acting as a proverbial guardrail helping clients stay on course towards career aspirations yet remain flexible enough to pivot practice to maintain resilience and resolve. Deborah is acutely aware that simple steps are necessary to realize success but rarely are they easy. An evolved leader must be emotionally courageous and employ grit and resilience. These muscles can be built, once realized.

Deborah’s Client Specialties Include Client Development work that:

  • Builds resilience by creating intentional practices
  • Overcomes internal roadblocks
  • Grows and flexes their confidence muscle
  • Helps clients become intentionally productive; creating protocols to reach their goals
  • Navigates Difficult Conversations
  • Develops their emotional courage to stretch out of their comfort zones
  • Employs emotional intelligence in their interactions resulting in better communication and desired outcomes, which positively impacts the bottom line

Education/Trainings/ Certifications/Assessments

  • Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) Coach
  • Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) TRUST Catalyst Tool
  • Corporate Emotional Intelligence
  • GRACE In The Workplace™

Past Clients/Industries

Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, EY, RSM , Marriott, Grant Thornton, Dorsey Whitney, Stroz Friedberg, Elliott Management, GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group), Fidelity, SEO, Anchin, Block and Anchin, and CEI-PEA.


“Deborah has provided services for RSM since 2011. In my capacity ​as​ STAR Regional leader, I’ve ​personally ​worked with Deborah on a local and a national project over the course of the past two years. She has delivered workshops in a timely, professional fashion and consistently goes above and beyond to enhance the experience of my colleagues. I look forward to working with Deborah for years to come.”

– Christa Clark, Partner RSM

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