Coach Spotlight

Dallas, TX

Top 5 Strengths

  • Focus
  • Individualization
  • Achiever
  • Command
  • Competition



Brent is a seasoned ICF Professional Certified Coach, 1st Gallup Certified Strengths Coach in the world and Amazon top selling author of Let’s Talk Strengths, Selling Strengths, and Balance Matters. He’s developed leaders and facilitated more than 750 workshops to 350+ organizations around the globe. 

Brent is described by his clients as purposeful, engaging, courageous, invigorating, and transformational in his coaching and facilitator style. Much of his work and life wisdom comes from being a business owner since 1993, being married to his college sweetheart 35+ years, launching two children into adulthood, and being a grand daddy to Sawyer and Lincoln O’Bannon. 

He’s an entrepreneur with zest, team tennis player, travel and foodie junkie with his wife, giver to non-profits, and passionate about championing strengths for global excellence.


  • Increase Executive Presence – Effectively communicating information to organizations, teams, and colleagues to create buy-in and increase motivation and performance.
  • Be more assertive and increase self-confidence to move forward faster.
  • Effectively understand conflict styles and strategies to deal with conflict.
  • Bring greater emotional intelligence to lead others effectively.
  • Increase team effectiveness by building trust, productive conflict, strong commitment, and accountability with a laser focus on results needed (5 Functions of A Team).
  • Grow Stronger – Work Smarter by leveraging natural talent & strengths to accelerate a leader’s impact through greater authenticity.
  • Build employee engagement & entrepreneurial strategy so crucial for business success.


    • · Executive Coaching
    • · Team Coaching
    • · Consulting & Leadership Shadowing
    • · Executive Retreats & Workshops
    • · Coaching Intensive (1.5, 3, or 6 hour)
    • · Assessments

Education and Certifications

Certified as

  • Executive Coach PCC – ICF
  • Gallup Certified Strengths Coach 
  • Right Path LQ360 Certified 
  • Achieve Global Certified Facilitator
  • DTM – Distinguished Toastmaster  
  • Approved CEO Speaker for Vistage & Convene 
  • MBS – Masters of Behavioral Science

Experience with Clients

  • City of Dallas 
  • Microsoft
  • Oakland A’s 
  • Cardinal Health Inc.
  • Dave & Busters 
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • MedStar Health 
  • Harley Davidson 
  • Gallup 
  • City of Lewisville 
  • Cigna
  • City Bank
  • Dow 
  • Merck Animal Health 

Case Study

CLIENT: Chief Information Officer of Billion Dollar Financial Services Company 

THE NEED: Client came to Brent to help with his Imposter Syndrome and to increase leadership confidence. The client had a habit of holding back, reducing their scalable impact on their organization. Both were also critical accelerators for their future career success in their corporate role.

RESULT: Brent helped this client identify the cause of lower confidence which was showing up in leadership strategy, effectiveness, and team meetings. Client learned to leverage his strengths and the team’s strengths for better employee engagement. Company won Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award and Top Workplaces. 

Client stated, “After working closely with Brent as a coach for over a year I can easily recommend him to others. His knowledge and application of the Strength-based process is comprehensive, and he knows how to listen, find the heart of what it is you are hoping to accomplish and/or where you want to grow. He offers practical coaching and exercises to move you in the right direction. He genuinely cares about those he works with and that comes through in every conversation. I appreciate Brent!”

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