Coach Spotlight


Berlin, Germany

Top 5 Strengths

  • Significance
  • Futuristic
  • Individualization
  • Focus
  • Maximizer


Bertolt has worked internationally since 1990 developing and implementing global senior leadership programs in Fortune 500 companies across all industries. He is recognised as a top-level executive coach, lead facilitator and expert in organisational development, change management and inter-cultural management. Bertolt has coached a large number of executives that have either been given new assignments with significantly higher responsibility or who have been given the opportunity and challenge of significant global growth in their organisations. These executives and other clients/companies have especially appreciated the structured approach combined with a profound level of professional expertise. In addition, Bertolt is involved in Coaching education at Business Schools and acts as a Guest Speaker at IMD in Lausanne.


His expertise – the translation of business and organisational challenges into adequate leadership solutions – is often described by his client’s as one of Bertolt’s core competencies. Building a strategic approach on a solid base of experience in using effective tools and monitoring mechanisms, supported by the necessary context of a theory enables Bertolt to deliver highly tailored, effective, and sustainable solutions.

Education/Trainings/ Certifications/Assessments

  • Holds an advanced degree in Psychology from the Technical University of Berlin and a Ph.D. on Organisational Measurements
  • Studying Organisation and System Development at Prof. Edwin C. Nevis, MIT/GIC
  • Certified in a number of diagnostic instruments and approaches

Past Clients/Industries

Mondelez, Metro AG, Ebay, Thyssen-Krupp, P&G, Airbus, Belgacom, GSK, Credit Suisse, DuPont, Carrefour, European Investment Bank, Alcatel-Lucent, J&J, Daimler, ABB, Duracell, MSA, WABTEC, WABCO, Nokia, Haldor Topsoe, Bayer, Egmond, Grundfos, Pirelli, Tetra Pak, Danfoss, Canon, Santander, Lafarge, Rockwool, and Vestas

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