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Top 5 Strengths

  • Relator
  • Empathy
  • Connectedness
  • Woo
  • Input


Andrés’ clients ask themselves the question: “Is there something else that’s possible?” They’re leaders committed to transform themselves, their communities, organizations & teams to achieve progress and offer solutions to the challenges they face. The people he has serviced for more than 20 years become more effective and generate more fulfillment through breakthroughs in their mindset and embodying strategies that create wellbeing, alignment, ownership, order, productivity and innovation.

The organizations he has worked with for over two decades have learned to reinvent, renew, and improve their capacity to make better decisions and generate momentum in order to make progress towards taking care of what we care about.


Andrés is called as a Coach, Senior Consultant & Mentor Coach expert in leadership, strategy, knowledge management, coaching and entrepreneurship to serve his clients in the domains of leadership, knowledge, organizational, team development, negotiation, strategy, franchises, operations, project management and business development. He’s also invited to support environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment initiatives.

The type of programs delivered include: Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Consulting on Leadership, Executive Retreats, Skill Building Workshops, and Practice and Processes Development.

Education/Trainings/ Certifications/Assessments

  • ICF member at the PCC level with thousands of practice hours (8,000+).
  • Ontological Coach with Newfield Network and has specialized in Generative Leadership Coach with the Institute for Generative Leadership, Ontological Project Management Coach and Life Coach with the Institute for the Practice of Ontology.
  • In addition to his academic education as Industrial Engineer, he’s certified as a Firewalk Instructor and an Outdoor and Adventure Based Learning Facilitator.

Past Clients/Industries

With clients in top executive and senior management teams in the Fortune 100 and large institutions, he’s an Industrial Engineer with over 20 years of experience generating results in projects with the mining, logistics, financial, insurance, telephone, consumer goods and entertainment industries, at the middle east, the US, and Latin-America.


“Andrés has been an excellent coach. His broad experience and coaching skills have helped me to improve as team member and leader. With his guidance I have been able to define clear objectives at a personal and professional level and set up an action plan to achieve them. Highly recommended as a professional and as a genuine person.”

– Andrés Rodríguez Rocha – Civil engineer, MSc in Construction Management, Certified Project Management Professional

“Andres has been my coach for the last year. I must say that he has been a leader and a strategic person that has pushed me to get ahead with all my professional and personal skills. My attitude and goals have changed and improved incredibly thanks to his professional guide.”

– Daniela Galindo – CEO at Hablando con Julis

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