Coach Spotlight

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Top 5 Strengths

  • Focus
  • Ideation
  • Responsibility
  • Maximizer
  • Communication



Santosh is a Storyteller, Management Consultant, and a Brainpower Coach. He is also a course contributor to Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Network, a global multiversity and visiting faculty at top educational institutions in South India judging talent and enhancing employability skills. His objective is to facilitate meaningful and relevant change for his clients and the broader community.

As a Brainpower coach, he blends psychology, spirituality, nutrition, and physical aspects into his coaching practice to bring the best out of people. A Certified Strengths Coach from Gallup, he has been coaching the Clifton Strength’s philosophy and Wellbeing elements for over 10 years. 

A senior executive with over two decades of international experience working with fortune 500 companies and consulting top Indian brands, funded startups and individuals, Santosh’s value proposition lies in cross functional multi-industry experience that started from the grass root level and continues as a founder of a consulting organization. He specializes in risk identification, mitigation and deploying quality management systems whilst engaging the employees to actively participate in strategic efforts. 

He is currently on a mission to boost learning and productivity in a post pandemic metaverse, some of his recent works are as follows:

  • Change from Risk Management: an advanced framework for better governance and continuous improvement of an organization’s operating model 
  • OhMyCo: an organization development program with a focus on systemic change and employee engagement 
  • Relieve, Reload, Resurrect (RRR) – a life coaching program for professionals 


  • Identify risks, overcoming mental health issues like prejudices, biases, fallacies and leveraging natural talents (Strengths) to accelerate a leader’s impact through greater authenticity
  • Help Manager’s become better at Coaching performance – the how of coaching 
  • Effectively communicate information to organizations, teams, and colleagues to create buy-in and increase motivation and performance
  • Identify and clear non-conscious blocks and patterns that lead to self-defeating behaviors and limited performance and instead feel more energized to move toward success. 
  • Coaching leaders on competencies and styles to create a climate for innovation 
  • Conducting process audits, deploy Internal control frameworks / Early Warning systems
  • Improve / Enhance operating models, management systems and governance 
  • Develop talent pipeline, develop communities of practice  


  • Strengths Coaching
  • Enterprise Risk Assessments and Management 
  • Lean Six Sigma Quality Consulting 
  • D&I Consulting 
  • Team bonding activities with nature conservation as a theme / Innovative ecofriendly workshops
  • Career and Life coaching
  • Train the Coach program – WACK 

Education and Certifications

Certified as

  • Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder® Coach – Certified till Apr 2023 
  • Lean Program for Fidelity Business Services in India, Lean Institute of India (LMII)
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Fidelity Business Services India 
  • Basic Blue for New Leaders, IBM India Leadership Training 
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Trainer, Offshore Compliance Manager Lloyds Bank 
  • Six Sigma Green Belt, IBM Global Services 
  • Developing Self Excellence, GE Capital
  • Coaching Service Quality, GE Capital  


  • Columbia Business School -Accounting and Finance 
  • Osmania University – Bachelor of Commerce 
  • Harvard Bok – Higher Education Training (Ongoing)

Experience with Clients

  • Sam’s Club, Walmart, GAP, Old Navy, Chase Manhattan, Citibank, American Eagle, Home Depot 
  • Capital One UK, Zurich Financial Services  
  • Lloyds TSB, Dun & Bradstreet, Diageo, RSA, Boots, Astra Zeneca 
  • General Motors, Bank of America, United Healthcare 
  • Deutsche Bank AG
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank, Nomura, Aditya Birla, vakilsearch  
  • students and other private individuals

Case Study

CLIENT: Global Managing Director, HR Solutions of a Global Investment Bank

THE NEED: The client organization was suffering with a huge backlog of employee grievances, there were open cases >6 months old and 500+ outstanding with a daily volume of 100 cases being received. The HR contact Centre wasn’t adequately staffed and under severe pressure, the Head of Operation was on his way out, the customer satisfaction scores were as low as 50%, the team was demoralized and at a breaking point. And with a recent fraud in another team, a parallel audit and continued onshore team monitoring only added to the predicament. The need was multi-fold a leadership crisis, client management and employee morale.

A team was flown in from the onshore location to help but they fell ill and at this juncture Santosh was onboarded to address all the above. 

Santosh facilitated a two-day workshop on behalf of the onshore experts and got a thorough understanding of the problem at hand and followed it up by: 

  • He got graduate trainees on rotation to conduct due diligence of all the teams in the contact Centre and share their recommendations 
  • Developed an operating model depicting the cross-linkages between teams and proposed a management system with new metrics
  • Deployed a governance mechanism as a combination of reports and meetings with various stakeholders
  • A Q12 questionnaire was administered, and that was no way a pretty picture. There was no clarity of roles, no confidence and severe stress. 
  • And when a plan to fix the whole contact Centre was shared the Global Managing Director asked Santosh how long he will take to fix the open case issue and the answer was 12 weeks.

Santosh got a calendar invite with subject line <10 due in 12 weeks. One of the primary actions that was taken was to eliminate all the fear from employees on the production floor. Managers and senior analysts were administered Clifton strengths assessment and a series of coaching sessions were conducted to motivate them. Once they were onboard, over the next few weeks processes got standardized, and reducing dependency on downstream teams helped   

ACTIONS & RESULT: Once the team senior members of the contact center got over their stress, fear of loss of employment, discovered their talents and stated performing in the roles based on their talents, most of the job got organized and plan was executed seamlessly. The 3Cs were operational clarity, confidence, and competence. The target of <10 was not achieved but 14 was achieved, and this project won the CIS Core Banking global innovation award, and the team was presented with a €1000 award.  Customer satisfaction scores went up to 80% after 15 weeks of the start of the project. This was consolidated with volume analysis and data-analytics for a pro-active management of the contact center.

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