Coach Spotlight

London, UK

Top 5 Strengths

  • Relator
  • Learner
  • Developer
  • Responsibility
  • Belief



Michelle is an ICF Accredited (ACC) Leadership and Team Development Coach, Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach, and 4 Stages® Psychological Safety Coach specializing in optimizing team dynamics and culture.  With over 14 years of practical experience in leading business development and organizational change, Michelle is passionate about helping leaders and teams be the best they can be.  A retired Premiership and International rugby player, Michelle brings a high performance and team mentality to every assignment she accepts.

Michelle now works with ambitious leaders as a specialist Consultant and Coach within diverse, multinational corporations, helping them to create energized and connected teams so that they can move dynamically in the face of challenges and take action to optimize opportunities.   Michelle enjoys working with Executives, Boards, Leadership Teams, and Business Owners to powerfully achieve their goals with authenticity and elevate their team dynamics to embody the core characteristics of a high-performance team truly.

A highly skilled Coach who is trained in Neuro-Linguistics, Michelle is adept at ‘listening between the lines and creating an environment where workshop participants feel safe to contribute, learn and challenge as she skillfully moves them towards their goals with compassion and respect for one another.  Her coaching style and techniques have helped many leaders lead with humility and authenticity, increasing their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and influencing skills.  She has designed and facilitated Strategy defining workshops, team-building days, leadership training programs, and whole-business cultural transformations.  


  • Increase levels of psychological safety, the foundational bedrock of any high-performance team, within teams and organizations
  • Enhance team performance and unleash potential through personal and team development using the StrengthsFinder toolkit.
  • Build and maintain effective relationships
  • Lead with authenticity to create lasting impact and influence
  • Support organizations and teams in creating clarity of their Vision, Mission, Values, and Targets so that these metrics cease to be ‘words on a page and instead become meaningful to each individual in the organization
  • Optimize team dynamics and culture
  • Develop Leadership mindsets, behaviors, and skills
  • Achieve professional and personal goals with ease


  • Executive Coaching 
  • Team Coaching
  • Consulting on Leadership
  • Cultural Transformation Programs
  • Psychological Safety Programs
  • Strengths Focused Workshops
  • Strategy Development Sessions
  • Skill Building Workshops
  • Unique and Refreshing Team Building Workshops
  • Assessments  
  • Culture Health Check
  • Team Health Check

Education and Certifications

  • ITS Certified Coach
  • ICF Accredited Executive Coach – ACC
  • Certified Clifton StrengthsFinder® Coach 
  • Certified 4 Stages® Psychological Safety Coach
  • Certified NLP (with Neuroscience) Practitioner
  • Certified NLP Sports Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Science, Honors – Animal Science

Experience with Clients

  • M&G Plc
  • Prudential Plc
  • Senko Advanced Components Ltd (UK&E)
  • Senko Advanced Components Inc (USA)
  • Too Good To Go
  • Cast Interiors
  • Montessori St Nicholas
  • Metropolitan Police

Case Study

CLIENT: Managing Director, Regional Head 

THE NEED: The client came to Michelle to understand how to move away from invasive micromanagement, which had been causing friction within the Leadership Team, and step into a more strategic Leadership style.  The Leader’s style impacted business growth and prevented the development of their direct reports.

RESULT: Michelle helped this client understand the rationale behind their behaviors and learned how to move to an authentically strategic leadership style.  With a higher level of self-awareness and armed with new, practical strategies to lead their team, the leader noticed the positive knock-on impacts within the team within just a few weeks of starting the Coaching program.

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