“Our group came so far with this CliftonStrengths® program and we continue to have every exempt employee that joins my team complete a profile. Thanks again for your support during the past year and your wonderful training….”

-SVP, Comms


“It is enlightening and encouraging to focus on strengths, being accustomed to an educational and corporate culture that typically focuses on weaknesses.  I have spent my entire career wondering how or if I should strengthen traits that I saw in others, that I admired or maybe even despised a little, that I did not naturally possess. This shift in thinking, to focus on who I am and what I am best at, however, is totally liberating. My Churchill Coach was an excellent coach!”

-Director, Electronic Arts


“What’s exciting to me is my attitude toward my workload. While the work is immense and the expectations are intense, I find myself actually looking forward to working with others in our team to draw on our individual Strengths to get things done. I no longer feel … “I have to do it alone”. The best part is the others are responding the same way. I feel strongly that the Strengths program into which you led us is foundational to us achieving higher goals with greater satisfaction. I believe there are two programs that have given me the tools and motivation to become a better and happier employee, boss, husband, father, brother and friend. They are this Strengths program and my Dale Carnegie training. The Dale Carnegie taught me how to think and manage my thoughts. The Strengths program has taught me what is important to think about and how to best approach my goals. I firmly endorse Churchill Leadership Group. I found your knowledge, insight, understanding and guidance to be immeasurable during the program, & I am convinced these attributes contributed greatly to my results.”

 – Bob, VP Engineering, Wood Group / Ethos Energy


“The Churchill Leadership Group has a rare and tremendous ability to help leaders in many professions unlock hidden talents and undiscovered potential. They motivate teams through the strategic exploration of qualities, roles, and unseen or otherwise unknown strengths. I am personally impressed by the potency of her presentation and, more importantly, the measure of her fulfillment.”

-Chad, Summit Wealth


“I found the Strengths Development workshops and coaching with Churchill Leadership Group to be extremely valuable. The piece which particularly resonated with me most was not only the philosophy of concentrating on your strengths rather than your weaknesses, but also how to recognize what your strengths actually are. In the 1:1 coaching I felt that my goals were understood and we really covered some great ground in identifying positive steps to take to reach these goals. Thanks for all your help Churchill.”

-BO Leader Europe, eBay


“At this point in my career, as I’ve been working in a specific field (PMO, etc) for a number of years, I found it was very easy to lose sight of my true ‘strengths’ and instead get mired down in the day to day details of ‘the job’ – many of which were not fully utilizing my strengths. The program with Churchill Leadership Group Inc. has helped me to renew self-awareness of the areas where I am strongest and as a result, has rekindled my passion and drive to be the best I can be.”

-Julie, Sr Man. Global Enterprise Technology eBay


“The in-person Strengths session with our senior leadership team was wildly successful.  I’ve witnessed several of those present using the language consistently that we learned and used on that day, and reinforcing their strengths in certain situations.  Specifically, our Vice President, which is a huge win for the team!”

-PayPal Global


“When I first saw my Clifton StrengthsFinder® Top 5 they sounded “fluffy,” however because of the Churchill Leadership Group workshops and skill building we did, I realize how powerful my talents are and that I can use them to improve my team’s work-life as well as my own.”

-Global Manager MyUS.com


“Working with the Churchill Leadership Group, we were able to profile our leadership team’s strengths and better understand where we can maximize each member’s contribution. The workshop was fun, insightful, and changed how we will construct our creative and execution teams in the future. Lots of “ah-ha” moments! And lots more engagement from everyone since!”

-CEO Digital Hands


“Thanks Jayne!! And thank you for helping us deliver such an amazing Recruiting Excellence Program! I’m so excited to see how that program will continue to evolve. You, the team, Gyla Becks and Cindy Loggins, and so many others knocked that out of the park!”

-Jeremy, Director, eBay