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The expert coaches at Churchill Leadership Group have assisted many organizations around the world in developing solution-focused programs for their leaders and teams in their workplace. We are passionate about making positive change for organizations and their leaders. Here are just a few case studies from our current and past clients.

Leadership Development Case Studies


Emerging Leader Development Program

This client has partnered with the Churchill Leadership Group for over eight years in an effort to cultivate leadership in numerous ways. This case study provides insight into the “Emerging Leader” programs Churchill has delivered to this client…


Executive Coaching as a Global Managed Service

This Global, integrated Healthcare Services & Products Company has engaged Churchill for over four years as their Executive Coaching partner. They implemented Churchill’s Executive Coaching as a Managed Service to centralize coaching, track progress, measure ROI, and benefit organization-wide from coaching best practices…


Manager Effectiveness Program

Churchill Leadership Group partnered with this leading managed IT services company to deliver Churchill’s Strengths-Accelerated “Manager Effectiveness” Program. It was custom designed to build, deploy, and sustain the transformational soft-skills these managers and the business needed…


Building a Coaching Culture and Capability

This Silicon Valley company believes great leaders are great coaches and so they partnered globally with Churchill Leadership Group to help them expand their leadership capability to increase performance success. Churchill’s solution included a change management strategy and its Leader as Great Coach program which delivered…

Team Performance Case Studies


Increase team’s effective communication, trust, and collaboration

The team wanted to build more pro-activity and integration into their leadership without losing the agile, “can do” essentials of their successful culture. Through the Team Diagnostic™, the team recognized their strengths as industry….


Build team trust, relationships, and alignment

The team wanted to build better relationships and get aligned around common goals without the external circumstances getting in their way. Through the Team Diagnostic™ and coaching process, the team began to see that they could…


Increase new team’s trust, build relationships, and align

The new team wanted to create a solid foundation for working together, as well as resolve some old issues related to the reorganization and two previously separate teams. Through the process of revealing how the team saw its strengths and challenges, and through coaching…

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