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Case Studies & Testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say

Sure, we can talk about ourselves all day. But what our clients have to say is probably more meaningful. The experts at Churchill have assisted many organizations around the world in developing solution-focused programs for their leaders and teams in their workplace. Here are just a few case studies and testimonials from our current and past clients.

Leadership Development Case Studies


Emerging Leader Development Program

This client has partnered with the Churchill Leadership Group for over eight years in an effort to cultivate leadership in numerous ways. This case study provides insight into “Emerging Leader” programs Churchill has delivered to this client…


Executive Coaching as a Global Managed Service

This Global, integrated Healthcare Services & Products Company has engaged Churchill for over four years as their Executive Coaching partner. They implemented Churchill’s Executive Coaching as a Managed Service to centralize coaching, track progress, measure ROI, and benefit organization-wide from coaching best practices…


Manager Effectiveness Program

Churchill Leadership Group partnered with this leading managed IT services company to deliver Churchill’s Strengths-Accelerated “Manager Effectiveness” Program. It was custom designed to build, deploy, and sustain the transformational soft-skills these managers and the business needed…


Building a Coaching Culture and Capability

This Silicon Valley company believes great leaders are great coaches and so they partnered globally with Churchill Leadership Group to help them expand their leadership capability to increase performance success. Churchill’s solution included a change management strategy and its Leader as Great Coach program which delivered…

Team Performance Case Studies


To increase team’s effective communication, trust, and collaboration

The team wanted to build more pro-activity and integration into their leadership without losing the agile, “can do” essentials of their successful culture. Through the Team Diagnostic™, the team recognized their strengths as industry….


To build team’s trust, relationships, and alignment

The team wanted to build better relationships and get aligned around common goals without the external circumstances getting in their way. Through the Team Diagnostic™ and coaching process, the team began to see that they could…


To increase new team’s trust, relationships, and alignment

The new team wanted to create a solid foundation for working together, as well as resolve some old issues related to the reorganization and two previously separate teams. Through the process of revealing how the team saw its strengths and challenges, and through coaching…

Client Feedback

Organizational Development

Leader As Great Coach

“I had the pleasure of attending Churchill’s  “Coaching Refresher” training in October 2018. Maik facilitated an excellent session that both refreshed and built on the previous training that we have received on this topic. This was the first time I had attended a session where the facilitator/trainer was dialed in using remote facilities. The session/content was very well structured and the group remained engaged throughout. Going into the session I was unsure how well the use of remote facilities would work but having now attended the session I have to admit it was excellent and worked very well. A large part of why it worked so well is due to the expertise/experience of Maik who was clearly passionate about the chosen topic and ensuring that we enjoyed and benefited from the session.”

-Paul, eBay – Churchill’s Leader As Great Coach 


“Learning to take a step back, and having a plan to prepare for a coaching session with my employees was very valuable. Understanding the current mistakes I make in communicating with my employees was empowering. Learning the importance of collaborating with my employees to get their  “buy-in” and commitment to the plan, by understanding what his or her drivers are was key. Learning to ask open-ended questions and giving the associate the room to give me honest feedback will definitely help improve our trust.”

-Director, MyUS – Churchill’s Leader As Great Coach Learning Journey 


“Really enjoyed the Churchill facilitators we had. They had a very senior group of leaders from APAC with many different points of view, and they were always open to listening and helping move the conversation forward. Provided practical application of the skills with well-rounded theory. They really increased my knowledge and understanding of the areas I can improve immediately. Great job, really helped us over the 2 days and challenged us in a good way to find our own answers. Very thankful I got this opportunity. I will definitely use going forward.”

-Director, eBay


“Surprised at how much I appreciated this Churchill training. Many, many leadership training in the past and they don’t compare to what I learned in 2 days. The training by this facilitator was the best training I’ve received in 2.5 years at eBay and probably the last decade. Surprisingly and impressively well done, and this comes from someone who has seen many of these come and go.”

-Chief of Staff, eBay


“I think each and every people manager in the company should be required to attend this Churchill training. I also think the people that we manage should receive training on this “coaching” process so they are prepared to take more initiative in their own career development, project completion, etc.”

-Senior Leader, eBay


“Great Churchill program, it reinvigorated my belief in coaching and also raised my hopes that this is not just the latest fad … a big investment should reflect the true intent of the company.”

-Executive, eBay


“Attending the Churchill/eBay Leader as Coach program helped me massively to transition my people management style to a coach-like people leader, laying out the methodological foundation to build powerful, effective and loyal teams. I observed myself in what a short time daily interactions/conversations can become more meaningful, structured and impactful through self-reflection, active listening and asking powerful questions, thanks to the coaching principles I learned during LaC. Maik is an inspiring Coach/Facilitator who empowered me to learn from his experience and always held me accountable for my commitments on my learning-path throughout the program. I will highly recommend this program to my peers to help others become better people leaders as well.” 

– F. Schmitt, Team Lead Yield Operations, eBay Kleinanzeigen


“The Japanese culture is a service-oriented mindset, which the seller (as my customer), was always assumed to be right and it was always my duty to be able to solve their problems right away. However, the Churchill Leader as Coach program has helped me shift this relationship. With the sellers that I have a very strong relationship with, I have started to change my approach, and it’s helped us create more of a partnership. Instead of just giving sellers answers right away, I have learned to ask powerful open-ended questions that help them develop solutions that we can build on together. The Leader as Coach program has made it easier for me to ask them what they really want to achieve, allowing them to feel more committed to the actions that they take, and giving us the opportunity to build a solution and a timeline together. Building these kinds of trusting relationships with sellers allows us to really communicate like partners, create a mutual goal that we work to achieve together, and build off each other’s great ideas.” 

– Chikara Nakazato, Category Manager, eBay


“Yesterday’s Churchill webinar about “Building a Great Leader-as-Coach Culture” was EXCELLENT and I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. I am working with a corporation that should invest in creating a better culture for their people and your words really resonate to me. Thank you very much.” 

-HR Leader, Canadian Transport Organization – Leader As Great Coach For Driving Strategic Initiviates 


“Our leaders agreed they left the Churchill training with new techniques and better awareness when coaching their employees. They wanted me to again thank you for everything you have done to assist with their growth.  I continue to hear from the guys that it’s all about slowing down and asking the powerful questions rather than assuming, and it was in their nature to assume, so it was great to hear that sunk in from yesterday!”

– HR and Training Manager, – Leader As Great Coach Learning Journey 


“This workshop’s coaching practice was great for me because I could be practice from the perspective of being the coach, observer, and client. Sharing observations with each other was really helpful. The practice of how to ask powerful questions and share observations was a very important and effective way to improve any type of conversation. I loved the Churchill coaching tips, and the practical opportunity to practice. Great pace, clear insight and a safe,  positive environment. Churchill coach Cary is wonderful. Great depth of knowledge.”

-MyHR, Shanghai – Churchill’s Leader as Great Coach Workshop


“This was a practical hands-on approach in a safe environment. A combination of learning and experiential practice. Churchill created a very respectful, stress-free environment, enabling me to build my confidence and my ability to be a coach. The understanding that I don’t need to be a subject matter expert in order to help people more forward was powerful. I will change my approach in conversations to have a coaching conversation wherever more appropriate.”

-EMEA Manager, eBay – Churchill’s Leader as Great Coach Program

Building a High Trust and Collaborative Culture with Conversational Intelligence®

“Your Churchill  C-IQ presentations made me realize I do most (85%) of the talking in my team meetings and it is exhausting for me too. I will now take a different approach.”

-JK, Retail, CIO FL


“Churchill’s presentation was very enlightening and allowed me the opportunity to self-reflect on my communication style and how it impacts those around me.”

-Stanley, Pilgrim Quality


“Thanks again Churchill, for two outstanding Communications workshops!  The team truly enjoyed the training and I believe that they received a lot of valuable information and ideas that they can now apply to better communicate.”

– VP HR, 


“It is vitally important to be highly effective in your conversations. You must consider it your responsibility to deliver clear, concise and impactful communications in all professional settings throughout your day. The great news is that everyone can develop and refine the skill of being brief. Thank you Churchill!”

-VP Finance, Banking

Leadership Development


“Our group came so far with this CliftonStrengths® program and we continue to have every exempt employee that joins my team complete a profile. Thanks again for your support during the past year and your wonderful training….”

-SVP, Comms


“It is enlightening and encouraging to focus on strengths, being accustomed to an educational and corporate culture that typically focuses on weaknesses.  I have spent my entire career wondering how or if I should strengthen traits that I saw in others, that I admired or maybe even despised a little, that I did not naturally possess. This shift in thinking, to focus on who I am and what I am best at, however, is totally liberating. My Churchill Coach was an excellent coach!”

-Director, Electronic Arts


“What’s exciting to me is my attitude toward my workload. While the work is immense and the expectations are intense, I find myself actually looking forward to working with others in our team to draw on our individual Strengths to get things done. I no longer feel … “I have to do it alone”. The best part is the others are responding the same way. I feel strongly that the Strengths program into which you led us is foundational to us achieving higher goals with greater satisfaction. I believe there are two programs that have given me the tools and motivation to become a better and happier employee, boss, husband, father, brother and friend. They are this Strengths program and my Dale Carnegie training. The Dale Carnegie taught me how to think and manage my thoughts. The Strengths program has taught me what is important to think about and how to best approach my goals. I firmly endorse Churchill Leadership Group. I found your knowledge, insight, understanding and guidance to be immeasurable during the program, & I am convinced these attributes contributed greatly to my results.”

 – Bob, VP Engineering, Wood Group / Ethos Energy


“The Churchill Leadership Group has a rare and tremendous ability to help leaders in many professions unlock hidden talents and undiscovered potential. They motivate teams through the strategic exploration of qualities, roles, and unseen or otherwise unknown strengths. I am personally impressed by the potency of her presentation and, more importantly, the measure of her fulfillment.”

-Chad, Summit Wealth


“I found the Strengths Development workshops and coaching with Churchill Leadership Group to be extremely valuable. The piece which particularly resonated with me most was not only the philosophy of concentrating on your strengths rather than your weaknesses, but also how to recognize what your strengths actually are. In the 1:1 coaching I felt that my goals were understood and we really covered some great ground in identifying positive steps to take to reach these goals. Thanks for all your help Churchill.”

-BO Leader Europe, eBay


“At this point in my career, as I’ve been working in a specific field (PMO, etc) for a number of years, I found it was very easy to lose sight of my true ‘strengths’ and instead get mired down in the day to day details of ‘the job’ – many of which were not fully utilizing my strengths. The program with Churchill Leadership Group Inc. has helped me to renew self-awareness of the areas where I am strongest and as a result, has rekindled my passion and drive to be the best I can be.”

-Julie, Sr Man. Global Enterprise Technology eBay


“The in-person Strengths session with our senior leadership team was wildly successful.  I’ve witnessed several of those present using the language consistently that we learned and used on that day, and reinforcing their strengths in certain situations.  Specifically, our Vice President, which is a huge win for the team!”

-PayPal Global


“When I first saw my Clifton StrengthsFinder® Top 5 they sounded “fluffy,” however because of the Churchill Leadership Group workshops and skill building we did, I realize how powerful my talents are and that I can use them to improve my team’s work-life as well as my own.”

-Global Manager


“Working with the Churchill Leadership Group, we were able to profile our leadership team’s strengths and better understand where we can maximize each member’s contribution. The workshop was fun, insightful, and changed how we will construct our creative and execution teams in the future. Lots of “ah-ha” moments! And lots more engagement from everyone since!”

-CEO Digital Hands


“Thanks Jayne!! And thank you for helping us deliver such an amazing Recruiting Excellence Program! I’m so excited to see how that program will continue to evolve. You, the team, Gyla Becks and Cindy Loggins, and so many others knocked that out of the park!”

-Jeremy, Director, eBay

Executive Coaching

“My Churchill coach in 6 months helped me appreciate and own my strengths. Empowered me to be even better with Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, plus to use Body Language daily as a powerful communication aid. Incredibly useful. Please share my gratitude!”

-Director, Electronic Arts – Executive Coaching 


“Thank you for the coaching – It has truly been an eye-opening and changing event for me.  Your support and guidance has been great and I always looked forward to the calls. I appreciate the feedback and guidance you provided over the last 6 months and am confident that I will be able to sustain the positive changes as a result.”

-Leader, Cardinal Health –  Executive Coaching  


“Excellent work! Good insights that helped us define our value and to build our “power base” and development strategies for professional growth and career development. Telling our value stories and discovering our goals and seeing which path to take. Churchill’s powerful questions really made us think! I loved it and the concepts stuck!”

-Leader, Bristol-Myers Squibb – Executive Coaching 


“Because of my Churchill coaching, I have felt more confident about my presence within my organization and what I’m trying to accomplish for the company. I am better able to deliver to the Partner Teams and Partners. I now exercise thought leadership skills instead of just people management skills. I am better prepared for presentations and meetings and more efficient with meetings and getting things done. I am now able to map out my stakeholders for my position and I hitting my stride!”

-Technology Cloud Leader – Executive Coaching 


“My Churchill executive coach helped me to focus on what my team needs and to align my style with their needs. She also helped me to make my 1:1s much more productive. I have used the skill-building tools I received in my work with CL to advise my own development plan which has helped me to grow as both a leader and as a person.  THANK YOU!”

– VP Government Affairs, WellCare – Executive Coaching 


“I want to thank you so much for Coach Traci.  She’s an absolutely wonderful coach for my leadership development!”

-Leader, PayPal – Executive Coaching 


“I am excited to write this recommendation for Churchill. My work with my Executive Coach has been exemplary. She teaches, inspires and works from a program that is based on a simple concept – we are all more effective, productive and happier playing to our strengths…and not over-focusing on weaknesses. I found this philosophy and the way that she delivers it, to be very powerful, energizing and instinctively on base. I personally received an immediate boost from the program working with Churchill, and my coach and I have continued to work together. I found my coach and the program to be so effective, we are planning to implement this with our company’s entire executive team. My coach is one of the most professional and empowered people I’ve ever met or worked with and I strongly recommend her to any individual or team leader that is interested in bringing about transformative and energizing improvement. Year first hired: 2013 Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert”

-Allen COO Infusion Brands – Executive Coaching 


“As I approached the Strengths coaching session with Churchill, I could not imagine how anyone could focus on my strengths, as I had spent most of my life critiquing myself constantly. While I had always gravitated to tasks that leveraged my strengths, I never understood why. In just 90 minutes, my coach helped me understand the roles where I can bring the most value to my team and what I love to do so clearly, I cannot imagine doing anything else! She kept me focused on my strongest assets – and how to leverage them to make the changes I knew I needed to make to improve my impact. Instead of looking at these aspects as weaknesses, we focused on how to use my strengths to change in these areas. What a refreshing approach! I only wish I had this insight at the beginning of my career and cannot wait to engage my team in better understanding and leveraging their own strength roles. I would recommend Churchill’s Coaching to any executive wanting to improve their own impact and engage their team to improve productivity and business results. There is no doubt in my mind that it will.”

-Kim, Dir. Marketing, Roche Diagnostics, A Global Leader in Healthcare – Strengths Coaching 


“Churchill’s gift for understanding people and uncovering their strengths is truly impressive! With personal coaching, my Strengths were given life. I became aware of how I could continue reaching my potential by leveraging my strengths and how my strengths could benefit my team, my organization, and our customers. My coach’s wisdom and experience has helped me define a path to become a better leader and contributor. Thank you for the enlightening experience! I look forward to using this knowledge to deliver the highest impact on my career journey ahead!”

-Kathy, Global Enterprise Technology, eBay – Executive Coaching 


“I have found my coaching meetings with my Churchill coach to be incredibly empowering.  It is one thing to reflect upon the use of my strengths by way of journaling and spending more time focused upon them on my own, but it is quite another thing to have someone witness how I’m using them.  This allows me to think and process out loud, to experience my own learning and observations, and to then have that objective 3rd party offer their observations and name for me other ways of seeing how I’m evolving with the work….you’ve done that for me masterfully, and I have found that this has given me energy and refueled my spirit. I am grateful!!! Heartfelt thanks for your mindful guidance & wisdom.”

-VP Corporate Diversity Strategy & Operations, Sodexo – Strengths Coaching 


“I learned strategic ways to capitalize on strengths-based performance; The ability to be aware of and think about how my strengths react with my team’s strengths and the “pros and cons” impact of that. I can now improve our team meetings to improve our team overall unity and productivity!”

-COO Executive, Lutheran Services Florida – Churchill’s Executive Coaching 

Manager Effectiveness

“Our coaches from the Churchill team provided great guidance, education and coaching to ensure that the IT Management Team recognized and understood levers to improve Employee Engagement and Communication. They are a wonderful resource and brought tremendous value to enlightening and engaging our team.”

-HR and CIO, TechData – Manager Effectiveness Active Learning Journey 

“I really appreciate the tactical and practical tools provided during the workshop to help me recognize areas where confidence was lacking and to figure actions I can take to be more confident. All helping me realize how far I’ve come and given me the confidence to continue moving forward. I will take a closer look at where I want to go in my career, take more chances and go outside of my comfort zone!”

-Leader, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) – Churchill’s Manager Effectiveness  – Career Development Workshop


“I got connected very well as this was not just “another” coaching session but rather the instructor was talking about how your body works. She gave good examples of breathing and brain function. I now understand the various causes of conflict and how to manage it and use it for a better outcome. Will use emotional listening to understand and manage conflict.”

PayPal Leader – High Potential Leadership Program – Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management Workshop 

“I have renewed awareness of time management and my multitasking issues. I realize that I wasn’t as organized in my time management as I first thought. I will take better ownership of my time and schedule with Churchill’s training tools.

-Lulu, Manager, PayPal – North East Region USA – Churchill’s Productivity Workshop 

“I found learning my strengths, and how to apply them, plus looking through the lens of those I need to influence – very valuable. I will work closely with my team to develop them in their areas of strength. The topics were on point, now the rubber meets the road.”

-Leader, PayPal – Churchill’s StrengthFinder® Discovery and Influencing Workshop

“Learning further about conflict resolution skills, by being thoughtful about my approach to difficult conversations was practical and important to what I do. I can now identify when I am feeling stress or anxiety, recognize it, and use it to improve myself in difficult conversations.”

-Director, PayPal – Churchill’s Emotional Intelligence and Courageous Conversations Workshop


“Thank you for the great partnership! All 3 coaches have done a fabulous job to support this (Manager Connect Development series in EMEA and Canada).”

-People & Organization Development Leader – Manager Effectiveness Program 


“Our teams truly enjoyed the training and they received a lot of valuable information and ideas that they can now apply to be better people managers. Our Churchill team provided great guidance, education and coaching to ensure that the IT Management Team recognized and understood levers to improve Employee Engagement and Communication. Churchill are a wonderful resource and brought tremendous value to enlightening and engaging our management team.” 

-TechData VP – Manager Effectiveness Program 


“Great stuff! Our team loved the engagement today, always wish there was more. Leaders really resonated with this topic. I had a manager email me on Tuesday, thanking me for the topic as it really helped him to understand his own behaviors and challenges with the feedback he’s received. Today, during the presentation, another manager asked me for the tools – Churchill really had an impact on our leaders.”

-Global Operations & Engagement, PayPal – Strengths and Engagement Workshop 


“The personal growth our organization has seen with Churchill’s guidance, in the short period of time you have been working with us, has been nothing short of remarkable. I believe the biggest area of improvement has been in the area of communication, resulting in a stronger cohesiveness among the senior staff. I am hopeful that we can take this achievement and instill it throughout the rest of the organization.”

-Dan, VP Gas Turbine Efficiency – Leadership Development Series 


“Churchill’s clear, concise communication section of the workshop was great (Clear Direction). I also really loved the powerful questions and feedback sessions. Thought-provoking/actionable knowledge/training provided. Learning tools and techniques to work with my team and bring out the potential in them. I’ll work on getting better at all of this great stuff!”

-Manager, PayPal – Manager Effectiveness Workshop 


“I learned a lot from Churchill’s coach Shoba! She helped me and our management team identify traits we needed to develop to be better leaders and to understand our strengths and the opportunity to apply them at PayPal. I learned how to move from a more conventional method of influence towards a lateral approach to leadership. I learned how to stay curious, come out of my comfort zone, and take the responsibility to lead more!”

-Leader, PayPal, Chennai –  Churchill’s Influential Communication & Lateral Leadership  Workshop

Team Effectiveness

Team Performance

“Thank you so much. I heard such positive feedback about this session and, as I told HR in our one-on-one, it was exactly what I was looking for to help the team.  Content, activities, timing, all worked so well – I know we will continue to leverage this learning as our transition progresses and we move forward.”

-VP, Charter Communications (Bright House) – Building a Strengths-Based-Team Workshop 


“Just wanted to say thank you very much for today – the team and I thoroughly enjoyed the Churchill experience and we have plenty of great ideas to take forward to maximise our strengths. We look forward to the next steps…”

-Barns, CEO, Time Etc Global – Building a Strengths-Based-Team Workshop 


“I believe the engagement of a company’s staff determines whether or not their business is run like a well-oiled ship, and many don’t realize the value of investing in the people who make the wheels turn on a daily basis. But it’s not just about engaged staff, it’s about keeping your business going in the right direction. Churchill Leadership Group’s effective assessment and coaching solutions show you the talent and potential of each of your team members, creating a window for leaders to empower and develop each person within the company. Its a win-win and that is powerful.”

-Director, IMS – Building a Strengths-Based-Team Workshop 


“If you have not contracted the Churchill team; then you have failed to take every reasonable step to improve your management team. Churchill shows uncommon insight and is gifted in seeing the strengths of not only the individual but of the team and coaxing the understanding and communication that is necessary for any team to be effective. Churchill has a thorough knowledge of business and its processes as well as business leaders and their abilities and will facilitate the individual’s and the team’s maturation into a formidable presence.”

-Fred, Quality Director, GTE / Wood Group Engineering – Building a Strengths-Based-Team Workshop and Coaching


“I strongly recommend Churchill for any leader looking to get the best out of self, direct reports or overall team. Our coach helped us align our strategy, match talents and strengths to most appropriate functions, and leverage individual and unique talents within the team in order to achieve desired results and overall success. Our coach and facilitator was simply Awesome!”

-Rachid CEO Sentinel Screening, Inc – Building a Strengths-Based-Team Workshop and Coaching 


“The best part for me was understanding my own strength/talents as well as my team’s and identifying my communication blindspots. I will approach others with a view of their strengths and more actively and consciously engage my talents.”

-Leader, PayPal, Singapore – Churchill’s CliftonStrengths® Team Development Workshop 


“Understanding of my strengths AND being mindful of their use so I am most productive. Learning others’ strengths, their needs and how my strengths can be used with them. Connecting the information to what’s happening in our organization today. It was a very engaging and positive learning experience. The Balconies and Basement self-awareness exercise was great. I will be able to implement changes by using my strengths.”

-Directer, Bright House/Charter Communications – Churchill’s Building A Strengths-Based Team Workshop

“We practiced pushing us out of our comfort zone to have those difficult conversations when exchanging positive and negative feedback with colleagues – it was very valuable. To identify the areas where the team wants to improve, putting new frameworks in place to help the team be more effective, and following the common logic. I will continue to share more of myself and my work experiences, and not assume that others know that already. I am a lot more aware of my strengths and other people’s strengths and how to better interact with them.”

-Manager, eBay – Churchill’s Building A Strengths-Based Team Workshop

Off The Shelf Prograns & Workshops

“The CliftonStrengths workshop really helped me understand that as a team we can leverage each other’s strengths to get stuff done. Simply having the workshop enabled me to take a pause and reflect on my conversations and to think how to make them better. It built my confidence in that I don’t need to be another person to do a great job. My strengths are my assets and potential and I can be proud of them.”

-Leader, MyHR, eBay Berlin – Churchill’s CliftonStrengths® Workshop


“The value was learning how to use the different communication tools was the most important to me because it will help with our jobs moving forward. Recognising the importance and benefit of showing vulnerability and the impact that this has on others and on building trust was powerful!” 

-Leader, MyHR, eBay – Churchill’s Conversational Intelligence® Workshop


“I see the opportunity to excel and use my strengths and which areas I should focus more on improving and how I can use those strengths for better success for my team. I will be more aware of my interactions with others and stepping out of the box to spend more time thinking about the overall goals of the agency to align and inspire the team.”

-CEO, Webb Insurance – Churchill’s StrengthsFinder® Discovery Workshop


“This workshop helped me find my strengths and use them day to day at work, and actually be proud of them! I can connect the dots between my strengths and the work I do. The exercise of mapping out my top job responsibilities and “What I do best” and now knowing where the gap is, was very valuable. Understanding the importance and significance of being a good mentor to others was empowering. I will apply my top strengths more effectively every day, improving how I work with people and I will focus on leveraging my strengths and managing my weaknesses.”

-Leader, PayPal APAC – Churchill’s StrengthsFinder® and Mentoring Workshop


“The value for me was learning and practicing new tools to help us be better communicators. Learning my strengths and how to apply those strengths to different scenarios for a greater impact. Learning tools that are straightforward, practical and can help us improve our behavior and outcomes. Both awareness of T.R.U.S.T and the concept of using our own strengths together.”

-Leader, MyHR, eBay – Churchill’s CliftonStrengths® and Conversational Intelligence® Workshop


“The entire Churchill workshop was awesome! Learning how to use my strengths rather than weaknesses, and even discussing them with others. Discovering my strengths have been a huge part of my success unknowingly! I will talk with my manager and try Churchill’s tips to get more chances to better develop my strengths.”

-Leader, PayPal MTS global development program – Churchill’s CliftonStrengths® Workshop


“The best part for me was being able to get into my manager’s shoes and think from his perspective and help build a working relationship with my manager. Understanding my manager’s style and learning how to communicate with my Manager and convey my strengths & work style to them. I will work on my relationship with my manager and help him succeed by recognizing areas where I can do the most good.”

-Leader, PayPal MTS global development program – Churchill’s CliftonStrengths®  and “Managing Up” Workshop


“The best part for me was the team strengths view, sharing strengths with teammates and appreciating each other’s strengths. I will put a positive strengths focus in place to help with draining or difficult projects or relationships. Thinking about the “next level” of a strength to help me grow naturally makes so much sense!

-Senior Manager, LinkedIn –  Churchill’s StrengthFinder® and Prioritizing Workshop


“It was a great workshop – knowing my strengths but also how or what that means to others. I will now be able to better relate to my staff and use my strengths to benefit my position and  engage my team in producing more.”

-Executive, Wesley Chapel CliftonStrengths® Workshop 

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