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Case Studies & Testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say

Sure, we can talk about ourselves all day. But what our clients have to say is probably more meaningful. The experts at Churchill have assisted many organizations around the world in developing solution-focused programs for their leaders and teams in their workplace. Here are just a few case studies and testimonials from our current and past clients.

Leadership Development Case Studies


Emerging Leader Development Program

This client has partnered with the Churchill Leadership Group for over eight years in an effort to cultivate leadership in numerous ways. This case study provides insight into the “Emerging Leader” programs Churchill has delivered to this client…


Executive Coaching as a Global Managed Service

This Global, integrated Healthcare Services & Products Company has engaged Churchill for over four years as their Executive Coaching partner. They implemented Churchill’s Executive Coaching as a Managed Service to centralize coaching, track progress, measure ROI, and benefit organization-wide from coaching best practices…


Manager Effectiveness Program

Churchill Leadership Group partnered with this leading managed IT services company to deliver Churchill’s Strengths-Accelerated “Manager Effectiveness” Program. It was custom designed to build, deploy, and sustain the transformational soft-skills these managers and the business needed…


Building a Coaching Culture and Capability

This Silicon Valley company believes great leaders are great coaches and so they partnered globally with Churchill Leadership Group to help them expand their leadership capability to increase performance success. Churchill’s solution included a change management strategy and its Leader as Great Coach program which delivered…

Team Performance Case Studies


Increase team’s effective communication, trust, and collaboration

The team wanted to build more pro-activity and integration into their leadership without losing the agile, “can do” essentials of their successful culture. Through the Team Diagnostic™, the team recognized their strengths as industry….


Build team trust, relationships, and alignment

The team wanted to build better relationships and get aligned around common goals without the external circumstances getting in their way. Through the Team Diagnostic™ and coaching process, the team began to see that they could…


Increase new team’s trust, build relationships, and align

The new team wanted to create a solid foundation for working together, as well as resolve some old issues related to the reorganization and two previously separate teams. Through the process of revealing how the team saw its strengths and challenges, and through coaching…

Client Feedback

Organizational Development

Leader As Great Coach

“This amazing program helped me recognize how the conversations we are having today could significantly improve. I now see the importance of using flexible style-coaching and based on each employee’s situation and need. The experience inspired me to want to be a Great Leader Coach and helped me get there!” 

-Senior Leader, eBay


“In today’s connected world, I believe physical presence in a learning situation is less and less required. This belief was fully supported by my recent Leader Coach journey experience with remote coaching with Maik from the Churchill group. The sessions were highly engaging and I left the training with a renewed appreciation of the coaching mindset and with pockets full of new skills. I would highly recommend considering remote coaching training if your training needs include this particular topic but your location does not render itself for face to face sessions.”

-Anna, Senior Manager eBay

Building a High Trust and Collaborative Culture with Conversational Intelligence®

“Churchill’s examples offered on C-IQ were effective and relatable. We loved the brain chemistry explanations and are applying this already. It has helped us understand our relationships – We are very grateful.”

-Senior Leader, CIO and CTO Organization American Express 


“Gaining practical tools to work better as a team, organization and for me to improve as an individual. It was also great to bond as a team and becoming more self-aware. It will help me prepare for challenging conversations so that our conversations take a “We” approach versus an “I” outcome. A great start in the journey of learning about Conversational Intelligence!”

-Leader, MyHR, eBay – Churchill’s Conversational Intelligence® Workshop Series 

Leadership Development


“I learned more about myself and how to become a more effective leader. By concentrating on maximizing strengths for my team and minimizing weaknesses it helps us all become more engaged, enjoy our jobs better and my teams become more effective. It was very useful and fun, and we can use it immediately. It works, it’s positive and impactful!” 

-Executive Client  – Building a Strengths-Based Organization 


“Our Clifton StrengthsFinder® workshop went extremely well. I continued to receive positive unsolicited feedback after Churchill Leadership Group left and I am very pleased that our initial connection led us to our ongoing Churchill collaboration!”

-Senior Director of Human Resources, Bright House Networks – Building a Strengths-Based Organization 

Executive Coaching

“My Churchill coach has significant experience in coaching executives with strong technical backgrounds and responsibilities, and that experience was invaluable. She gave me new tools and techniques and became a sounding board for me to transcend to the next level of leader I needed to rapidly become. I was able to off-load a huge portion of my daily activities to my extremely talented team to focus on higher-level issues and strategic items and not get bogged down in the weeds.”

-CTO, High-Tech Organization – Churchill’s Executive Coaching 


“It’s been a wonderful journey of professional and personal growth working with my Churchill Executive Coach. I have been working with her for the past 3 years in my current role as Executive Director of North American Regional Supply for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. She has helped me genuinely understand and identify my strengths, those things I am naturally better at, and apply these in a professional setting with outstanding results. Our sessions are action packed and to the point. She is a superb listener and quickly grasps the current challenge I am working on. Regardless of how frustrated I may be, Her calm and upbeat coaching provides a positive assurance and instant clarity on a better approach or solution. I highly recommend the Churchill team of executive coaches; you will not find a better executive coach or company to work with in this area. Your Churchill Coach will not only make you a better professional, they make you a better person.”

-Mark Holder, Exec. Dir Regional Supply, AstraZeneca – Churchill’s Executive Coaching 

Manager Effectiveness

“Keeping our people managers sharp was a top priority for me in PayPal’s Office of the CIO. Churchill Leadership Group was an excellent partner to help me develop and deliver the curriculum. Their network of coaches and subject matter experts helped me drive critical skill development in a variety of topics, from setting expectations and giving feedback, to emotional intelligence and mindfulness. As a result, saw an overall increase in manager effectiveness scores across our global IT department.”

-Jonah, PayPal – Churchill’s Global Manager Effectiveness Series 


“The learning experience and different exercises were relatable and relevant. Our Churchill coach gave great examples. It was very dynamic and informative. Learning the importance of empathy in active listening was key. I really enjoyed this workshop as it was interactive.” 

-Celgene Global Manager Team – Churchill’s Manager EffectivenessActive Listening Skill Building Program

Team Effectiveness

Team Performance

“We had dinner with the team after our 1 day MBTI workshop and the workshop kept us busy the whole evening! It was a lot of fun for everyone and I think that each of them took something with them personally. I myself am currently mentally linking coaching topics that I have with the individual MBTI types and will consider how I can best use them. Thank you Churchill!” 

-S Marks, Head of DE Loyalty & Logistics Operations, eBay GmbH – MBTI Workshop 


“We learned how to lean on teammates for their strengths, ask for help in more meaningful ways and engage more in meetings to drive value. We have greater self-realization and the coaching has been very insightful to make Clifton StrengthsFinder® practical to increase our impact on the job. Thank you Churchill Leadership Group!”

-Leader, LinkedIn – Building A Strengths-Based-Team Workshop  

Off The Shelf Programs & Workshops

“The most valuable part of the workshop was learning about the trust model and how to improve your communication skills with customers and managers. Understanding the different levels you can have in a conversation and understanding people’s strengths and how to work with them collaboratively. Offered me great tools that I can utilise in both work and home life to have great conversations.”

-Leader, MyHR, eBay – Churchill’s Conversational Intelligence® Workshop


“I loved learning more about my talents (strengths) and that they are integral to my success if developed and utilized. As well as seeing the various strengths of the team members I work with every day. The best part for me was the accuracy and relative simplicity of the Strengths Finder tool itself. I will research my strengths to learn more about them to continue to benefit from them.

-Director, Cott Beverage / Refresco Inc. – Churchill’s CliftonStrengths® Discovery Workshop

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