Jayne Jenkins
CEO and Executive Coach

How to Accelerate Performance by Building a Coaching Culture and Capabilities

When your leaders are great “leader-coaches,” they are equipped to have more effective, regular conversations with team members. Conversations that move execution and performance forward faster so you can deliver more value to your customers as well as retain and make the most of your talent. A Coaching Culture helps improve trust, accountability, communication, innovation, and decision-making, all adding to performance outcomes.

Leaders and organizations who are equipped with a Leader-As-Coach culture and capability have been shown to benefit from:

  • More regular, more effective conversations
  • Improved self-awareness & management
  • Building trust -Freeing up managers to lead
  • Team acceleration
  • Providing clear expectations and consistency of what is expected of people leaders -Attraction and retention of talent
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Building a growth mindset culture

Join us as Jayne Jenkins, Executive Coach, discusses the benefits of building a Great Leader-As-Coach culture and how to go about doing so.


Effective Strategies For Using Your Strengths To Be More Productive

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About Jayne
For decades, Jayne learned to develop and engage leaders and teams in the corporate world and then went on to train as an Executive and Strengths Coach. During her corporate leadership tenure, she observed how much untapped talent existed and she is passionate about unleashing that talent for individual and organizational performance and growth. Jayne and her global Churchill team of over 200+ coaches and consultants partner with clients to provide solutions that build capability through harnessing strengths. Her certifications include: Executive Coach (PCC) Gallup CliftonStrengths®, Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC™), Marcus Buckingham Co. Stand Out, PROSCI® Change Management Consultant and Conversational Intelligence®. Global clients include eBay, PayPal, AMEX, Cardinal Health, BMS, Biogen, Coca-Cola, and many more.


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