Jayne Jenkins
CEO and Executive Coach
February 27, 2018


Stop Questioning Your Potential! How to Build Your Self-Confidence

If you had to rate your level of self-confidence at work on a scale of 1-10 (where 10 is the highest), what would your score be?

Over the last few months, I have seen more and more leaders not grab an opportunity (formal and informal) because they doubt themselves and lack self-confidence. Doubt comes in many forms, and we all have one or more of those amygdala triggers that might include:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of looking a fool
  • Fear I won’t get the support needed
  • Fear of not knowing how to
  • Fear I won’t have the time

All are real and relevant, BUT do we let such fears control us too much? My observations over these few months tells me WE DO. So, I have compiled three powerful tips to help you say NO to FEAR and YES to GREATER SELF-CONFIDENCE and opportunity.

1) Know the Best of Thyself – Focus on Your Strengths

If you haven’t already, take a strengths or values assessment. Know the best of you and what you stand for. At Churchill our go-to Strengths assessment is Clifton StrengthsFinder®. Many of our coaches are certified and have been using CliftonStrengths® for many years. We help leaders accelerate their impact using their unique Strengths, help teams increase their engagement and productivity and help whole organizations build and ingrain a Strengths-Based Culture. How can you get started identifying your strengths? Simply go to eBay or Amazon to purchase (approx $15), thoroughly review your results and focus on your “Insight and Action Report” to take action. If you want to go deeper or do this on a larger scale and really learn to apply it to your work contact Churchill. Knowing your unique strengths helps build your confidence and find more opportunity to apply them to have a better more authentic impact in your work. I have been using my top 10 strengths for over 10 years and it has made a huge difference for me – my success and love of my work!


Effective Strategies For Using Your Strengths To Be More Productive

2) Turn On A Growth Mindset

Personal growth and personal change starts with awareness (my Change Management PROSCI certification training taught me that and it is well proven). I recommend you become more aware of whether you choose a more fixed versus a growth mindset at work. At Churchill, when working with leaders at all levels, we emphasize that you have to be the “Master of Your Growth” and that starts with awareness. Review Stanford University Psychology Professor Carol Dweck’s work on Growth Mindset to understand more and here is a great quote from Sir Richard Branson that speaks to my personal growth mindset. But, you’d be surprised at how many leaders and team members unconsciously choose a fixed mindset and so in turn limit their potential (and how they are perceived by others).


3) Go Another Step – Invest In Yourself with a Mentor or/and Coach

You are worth it! How do you know how big of an impact you can have in this world unless you really give it 100%. Mentors are invaluable – find someone who you trust and has lived a similar journey that you want to live and learn from their experience. Give as much as you get from that mentoring relationship to get the most from it.

Hire an Executive Coach. It is a financial investment, but one that has been proven to have a large ROI. I have one all of the time to help accelerate my impact at Churchill and it works! I have a safe place to go to explore my challenges and opportunities, and she helps me get my thinking clear and holds me effectively accountable to my commitments. My current coach is one of our great Churchill Executive Coaches based in Holland, so you don’t have to limit the search to your door step – find the best coach for your need! (Contact us if you need help.) Coaching is growing and Churchill provides Executive Coaches to global organizations such as Cardinal Health and PayPal. In addition, Churchill is a vendor of choice to help organizations such as eBay build an internal global coaching culture and capability because they know if all employees have a coach, results and service to their customers will increase! Learn more about building an internal coaching culture.

Coaching will help you realize and overcome fears and increase your confidence in what is possible for you and help you make it happen!

Let us know what you do to overcome fear and build self-confidence. Hope these tips help you – please share as they do.

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For decades, Jayne learned to develop and engage leaders and teams in the corporate world and then went on to train as an Executive and Strengths Coach. During her corporate leadership tenure, she observed how much untapped talent existed and she is passionate about unleashing that talent for individual and organizational performance and growth. Jayne and her global Churchill team of over 200+ coaches and consultants partner with clients to provide solutions that build capability through harnessing strengths. Her certifications include: Executive Coach (PCC) Gallup CliftonStrengths®, Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC™), Marcus Buckingham Co. Stand Out, PROSCI® Change Management Consultant and Conversational Intelligence®. Global clients include eBay, PayPal, AMEX, Cardinal Health, BMS, Biogen, Coca-Cola, and many more.


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