Jayne Jenkins
CEO and Executive Coach
January 17, 2018


Better Decisions with Gut and Energy

We make about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day based on either logical, impulsive or unconscious thinking. That’s about 24 per minute! So why then, with so much experience in all of us, is decision making such a need of corporations?

Several of Churchill Leadership Group’s clients have “Better Decision Making” as a priority problem to solve, based on Employee Engagement survey feedback. It is a common corporate and leadership/team challenge and you and I could probably write multiple blogs on what causes such a challenge and many more on ways to solve it. On reflection, our Churchill team has seen a shift in recent years. We still get a lot of requests for our coaching and workshops on strategic skill building approach to decision making, but now with a higher demand for Churchill’s Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Decision Making programs for leaders. Bottom line, there are many complimentary solutions and I’d like to share a little of my personal journey and how new insight has changed the way I make decisions with greater effect and less stress.

I always thought I was a good decision maker, not that I made great decisions, rather I could make decisions and rarely dithered. I am of the mindset of “make the best decision I can now and then iterate as new insight is learned.” I like to “keep the ball moving forward!” In Clifton StrengthsFinder® I have “Activator” and “Arranger” that power this momentum. I also suffer from impatience, good at times but comes with a whole lot of side effects for me and others 🙁

Then I noticed a shift when last year I was working with a client, partnering towards a great collaborative global program and the opportunity hit a big road block. My initial instinct was to be persistent in moving the ball forward, but on this particular occasion for some reason I felt an energy, almost an invisible wall of energy pushing me back. It is hard to explain. I recognized it from my yoga classes and it made me stop, sit quietly and be curious. My “Connected” strength told me this is a sign, but what is this energy wall telling me? “Not yet Jayne” or “don’t push?” It had a profound impact on me and made me take my foot off of the accelerator and continue to be curious. What if I just wait and see what plays out? What if I look for more signs to guide me?


Effective Strategies For Using Your Strengths To Be More Productive


This intuitive approach was not my usual MO. I am a more logical and take the best risk decision maker (my “Strategic” talent at work). But it was pivotal and my energy radar has continued to grow through practice. Even as I write this, I feel I sound “kookie,” but it has had a profound lasting effect on me and how I now make decisions. To be more specific:

  1. If I need to make an important decision, I slow down and consciously try and feel the energy around the situation, what is that energy and my intuition (gut) telling me? I now proactively look for it and listen.
  2. I use the magnet below to trust in a bigger, wiser purpose. In addition, I persist and push less and instead get curious. And, I look for signs, coincidences and connections to guide me.Magnet image
  3. I continue to study and through a certification as a Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Coach and spending more time with our Churchill team of C-IQ coaches, I have further discovered that our gut (and heart) are part of our brain system. They send chemical reactions to our brain and so we really should listen to such gut signals (yes, science is proving I am not as kookie as I thought!).

My call to action tips for you to try:

  • Slow down to notice the ENERGY around the situation / decision you are faced with. What is your gut signaling? For some of you it might not happen straight away, but with practice it grows. I am proof that a less intuitive person like me can tap into this powerful insight.
  • Learn how to use MINDFULNESS to quiet your mind from the busy craziness of life so you can think and hear more clearly.
  • Find a bigger purpose to believe in and trust. Do what you can, then TRUST. Some things we just cannot control and we need to trust will turn out the way they need to, and while in the short time it might not be the way we want, but with longer insight it might just be the best way after all!

Oh, and that client I mentioned earlier? The outcome worked out bigger and better than I could have imagined, not because of what I did, but because of trust and following the more intuitive signs. Overall this approach I am still learning has helped reduce my stress and added a layer of maturity to my decision making. Relying more on intuition (that I didn’t know existed) to compliment the logic, experience and strategic approach to my decisions.

I hope my personal experience provides you the opportunity to reflect on your own decision-making process. If you’re interested in learning more about Churchill’s Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Decision Making programs for leaders within your corporate team, contact us at

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For decades, Jayne learned to develop and engage leaders and teams in the corporate world and then went on to train as an Executive and Strengths Coach. During her corporate leadership tenure, she observed how much untapped talent existed and she is passionate about unleashing that talent for individual and organizational performance and growth. Jayne and her global Churchill team of over 200+ coaches and consultants partner with clients to provide solutions that build capability through harnessing strengths. Her certifications include: Executive Coach (PCC) Gallup CliftonStrengths®, Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC™), Marcus Buckingham Co. Stand Out, PROSCI® Change Management Consultant and Conversational Intelligence®. Global clients include eBay, PayPal, AMEX, Cardinal Health, BMS, Biogen, Coca-Cola, and many more.


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