Renee Fritschen
Founder & Chief Architect of Team Accelerator

What’s stopping your team from doing the best work of their lives? Learn How Combining team development with business results has never been easier! Churchill Team Accelerator helps business and HR executives solve their most pressing business challenges! Discover the possibilities in this 1-hour Webinar!

Churchill Leadership Group is excited to talk with Coach Renee, creator of Team Accelerator, to unpack this Churchill team solution for you. Team Accelerator is already supporting multiple cohorts in rapidly growing manufacturing and high-tech companies – and the results are unlike anything we’ve seen before:

• Reduced cycle times as workers optimize their most important value streams.

• Increased problem-solving as teams’ practice and adopt Team Accelerator’s methodology

• Stronger collaboration across functional silos.

• Less meetings. More decisions. Increased trust between workers & bosses.

• Sr. leaders shifting from working ON the business instead of IN it.

• Hidden Intrapraneurs demonstrating their passion, creativity, and customer-focus. (Intrapreneur: An employee who is tasked with developing an innovative idea or project within a company (

In this webinar you will learn:

1. Why Team Accelerator is a unique team development approach

2. How it is helping companies tackle their real business challenges to improve results.

3. Understand the methodology and why it works

4. Verify the outcomes and impacts customers are experiencing

5. How to experience Team Accelerator in your own teams in a low-risk, safe-to-try way.


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About Renee 

Throughout her career, and especially as the Head of Leadership Development at eBay, Renee has built learning experiences that drive true, long-term behavior change at scale. This includes manager effectiveness incubators, 6-month rotational programs, and 10-week hands on coaching programs for leaders across the globe. During this work, Renee discovered that often development was reserved for a very finite group of leaders leaving out huge swaths of innovators, experimenters, and intrapreneurs, and rarely delivering the behavior change or organizational improvements promised. Something had to change in how we learn, experiment, and improve our ways of working. Renee created Team Accelerator in 2019 to give teams a relevant, practical, and fun way to discuss and improve their real organizational challenges, together.


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