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Elena is a double gator with a Master’s degree in International Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida. She holds roles in marketing and business development with her involvement in different organizations. She is passionate about helping others develop their soft skills and interpersonal capabilities for an enhanced and optimized workplace environment. Her top 5 Strengths are Includer, Woo, Connectedness, Belief, Responsibility.

Leverage Strengths for Team Performance


You and your team have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment. Now what? You’ve embraced the thrill and motivation of Strengths for a brief period, and now you’re at a loss for what to do next. Taking the assessment and discovering your Strengths is only the first step. You can use CliftonStrengths as a resource [...]

Leverage Strengths for Team Performance2022-05-02T10:20:33-04:00

Promote Inclusive Teams to Accelerate Performance


After leading teams pre 2020 and post 2020, all leaders are familiar with the differences in managing teams across different environments.   An ongoing challenge that many leaders and teams face is how to truly hone inclusivity and diversity. Diversity and inclusion are not just about representation. It is about acceptance of different [...]

Promote Inclusive Teams to Accelerate Performance2022-03-23T12:50:19-04:00

Top 5 Tips to Excel as Leader Coaches in 2022


The way we do business has evolved over the last few years. 2020 required us to adapt, 2021 required us to refine, and 2022 will require us to hone our learnings. Over the past two years, leadership has been challenged. How we define good leaders and complementary leadership traits have changed and will continue to do so.  We know that hybrid and virtual work environments are the way of [...]

Top 5 Tips to Excel as Leader Coaches in 20222022-04-19T12:59:48-04:00

Things You Should Know About Executive Coaching


As an executive stepping into a new role, you might feel that you must have all the knowledge and all the answers.  When facing pressure from various angles, you want to do everything you can to feel that you are making the right decision.  Although you have no doubt you can succeed on your own, you may be [...]

Things You Should Know About Executive Coaching2022-03-23T14:39:53-04:00

Why Hire an Executive Coach?


What is Executive Coaching?  When organizations want to accelerate and optimize their top talent, they frequently seek out candidates with specific skills, backgrounds, or degrees. While these characteristics contribute to cultivating top talent, there is much more to consider. Being a high performer does require specific skills, but it also requires things like productivity, motivation, and engagement, which are not measured by how well you can balance a [...]

Why Hire an Executive Coach?2022-03-23T14:44:29-04:00

Highlight on Communication – Strengths 101


What does it mean to have Communication as a strength? How do you interact with the world? Maybe you process events and actions visually, viscerally, or maybe you process them verbally. If you resonate with the latter, you might have Communication as a top theme. According to Gallup, “People exceptionally talented in the Communication theme generally find it easy [...]

Highlight on Communication – Strengths 1012022-03-23T14:53:41-04:00

Implement a Hybrid Work Environment in 3 Steps


After the trials and tribulations that COVID-19 has brought our world, billions of people are yearning for change. People are seeking change socially, culturally, personally, and professionally. As a manager or leader of people in a professional setting, you can act within your scope to satisfy this need for change. This starts with the type of environment you invite people to join.  [...]

Implement a Hybrid Work Environment in 3 Steps2022-03-31T15:09:12-04:00

Highlight on Arranger – Strengths 101


What does it mean to have “Arranger” as a strength? Have you ever met someone who can systemize and organize things at the spur of the moment? They take complex variables and identify a way to make them fit together neatly. They not only execute, but they also “execute with flexibility” - in the moment, reconfiguring until satisfaction is attained.   According to Gallup, “People exceptionally talented in the Arranger theme can organize, but they [...]

Highlight on Arranger – Strengths 1012022-04-19T13:11:19-04:00

Elevate your Organization’s Team Building in These 6 Methods


In the last 12 months, managers and leaders have eagerly sought out tips for virtual team-building activities to fill the void of building interpersonal relationships in the absence of natural in-office interactions.  Fast-forward to current reality, virtual team-building exercises and activities are still important and will continue to be utilized. Now, managers and leaders must be thinking about how to [...]

Elevate your Organization’s Team Building in These 6 Methods2022-04-19T13:05:12-04:00
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