Frequently Asked Questions

About Churchill

We built Churchill to serve clients with a global and local footprint and who need a long-term partner who can solve various leadership and team problems over time. Not all coaches deliver all solutions. We specialize and bring you the best expert or team based on your current needs.

The Churchill Corporation is based in Florida. Our coaches are located across North America, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC. With over 400 coaches, trainers, and facilitators we serve global clients with scalable solutions for their diverse regional and cultural needs.

Coaches are accredited through the International Coaching Federation (ICF – ACC, PCC & MCC), or equivalent certifying bodies. Team Coaches are certified by TCI, GTCI ICF or an equivalent. In addition, each coach has multiple specialty educations, certifications, and licenses. Examples include Organizational Development, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Conversational Intelligence, CliftonStrengths®, Innovation, Change Management, and many more. Plus, we are certified to deliver over 30 assessments for Leadership and Team Development.

Yes. We work with each client to tailor the solution to their developmental need(s), accommodating schedules, locations, and ways of working preferences. Flexibility is one of the reasons our clients partner with us long-term. We can deliver in 34 countries and 17 languages.

In one simple word – Coaching. Each coaching solution is already built and then tailored to the unique needs of each client. All are globally scalable plus can be delivered in person and virtually.

Leadership Development:

  • 1 on Executive/Leadership Coaching for Senior Leaders
  • A Coaching License Program for Employees, Managers and Directors
  • Manager Effectiveness 1.0 and 2.0 – customized to first-line managers or senior leaders.
  • Leader as Great Coach – Building a Coaching Culture and Capability with

Team Performance:

  • Team Coaching for Performance for Senior Teams
  • Team Bonding for Performance
  • The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®
  • Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead®

To complement the above services, we provide a suite of 30 assessments, including:

  • A variety of 360s – qualitative interviews and online such as LCP
  • CliftonStrengths®
  • DISC®
  • MBTI®
  • Team Diagnostics from TCI
  • Insights Discovery®
  • Conversational Intelligence®
  • Q12 for employee engagement
  • PROSCI® change management
  • Hogan
  • TKI® Conflict Management

Please contact us to explore your unique needs.

We have an off-the-shelf catalog of over 30 Leadership and Team Development Topics that can be delivered in multiple formats (half, 1, 2-day or a learning journey) with add-on coaching to accelerate the impact.  In addition, we offer off-the-shelf team programs using StrengthsFinder®, Myers-Briggs, Insight Discovery®, DISC®, Hogan, and the 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

Although these are “off-the-shelf,” rest assured, each of these is still tailored to your desired outcome(s). Our Churchill team believes each client is unique, so we meet you where you are! Please contact us to explore your unique needs.

About Our Coaching Programs

Churchill offers 6 types to corporate and government agencies:

  1. Leader As Great Coach: to build internal coaching capability for your leaders
  2. Executive Coaching for your one-off needs: for senior leaders and high potential leaders
  3. Executive Coaching As A Managed Service: Supporting you strategically to maximize your larger Executive Coaching needs and measuring ROI
  4. ICF Coaching Certification
  5. Team Coaching: to accelerate team performance, for a variety of team types
  6. Coaching Corner:  providing an onsite coach(s) to support the ad hoc and “in the moment” coaching needs of your people
  7. Group Coaching: A cohort approach tailored to your need
  8. Coaching to complement and support your leadership program

It depends on the type of need and engagement chosen.  It can vary from 3 to 12 months, typically Executive Coaching is for 6 months.

It is usually as early as the first coaching session! Churchill is focused on outcomes and sustainable positive change. Quick wins happen after the initial planning, goal setting, and assessment phases of coaching. Even during the planning phase coachee’s gain valuable insight for positive change. Progress should be consistent and results grow from there. We build in multiple ways to measure success so that we all know it is working. Our coaching programs are true partnerships so that we can deliver on the expectations of all involved: The coachee, sponsors, and your organization.

Great question! There are several answers to this:

  1. A leader or high potential employee who you have identified as needing accelerated growth and needs to build stronger leadership capability so that they can positively impact your business. 
  2. A leader in transition, such as taking on a new bigger role, and you want to set them up for success by enhancing the effectiveness of that critical change.
  3. A valued leader who has hit a roadblock and/or is showing behavior that is creating issues, or might, if left to continue.

It varies by engagement length, components of the engagement, the coach chosen, location, and level of the leader being coached. Typically one on one Executive Coaching ranges from $12k and up.

For fees on Churchill’s other coaching programs and to have a specific proposal for your unique need please contact us.

There are real factors that could put coaching at risk: Coachees saying they are coachable but are not, have a lack of motivation, hold unrealistic expectations of what coaching is, are not committed to doing the work, and/or lack of on the job feedback or support from sponsors and stakeholders as they practice the learnings. Churchill works with you upfront to determine if coaching is the right solution – we have clear Rules of Engagement that each coachee reviews and signs with their coach to align expectations at the start of the engagement.

Another risk is with the Executive Coach – Coachee relationship. If the coach lacks the right experience, expertise, and techniques, cultural sensitivity, insufficient empathy, or struggles to hold a coachee accountable, the Executive Coaching experience can be jeopardized. We proactively mitigate that risk by helping you choose your Churchill coach(s) wisely – we have a proven methodology to match the right coach to your need.

About Leadership Development

Churchill offers clients 3 approaches to develop leadership skills with clients:

1) Is through a group learning environment with our Manager Effectiveness program for people leaders – new or tenured.

2) Leader as Great Coach where leaders learn how to coach and when to coach – Because most organizations recognize that great leaders are great coaches!

3) Executive Coaching for specific leadership development goals. Or as a cohort group with incorporated peer-to-peer coaching.

A high impact leadership development program should include the following critical success factors:

  1. Clarity and communication about the purpose to the organization and expectations for participants
  2. A clear roadmap that delivers the positive change you wish to see – relevant to role and your business
  3. Proven change management principals and a way to mitigate risk
  4. Executive sponsorship, hands-on support and role modeling
  5. A blended experiential learning journey that is based on adult learning principles with expert support and high participant accountability – to include teaching, reflection, and discussion, feedback and coaching, peer-peer support, demonstrations, case studies, simulations, and plenty of relevant real-time practice.
  6. A pilot to pressure test assumptions
  7. Flexible delivery to meet the needs of the business
  8. Multiple ways to measure success
  9. A plan to ensure the learnings are sustainable
  10. The ability to scale and evolve the program if needed i.e. across geographies, languages, and types/levels of leaders

About Team Performance

Great question! Here are some of Churchill’s differentiators that our clients tell us they appreciate:

  • We customize each team performance program to a team’s unique needs. That includes a highly effective discovery session(s) to define the current and desired state of the team, assessments to measure baseline and progress, and the right blend of team coaching, individual coaching and training. 
  • We use a “system’s approach” to build awareness for the team to what is really going on with them in terms of how they interact and what they are doing and not doing, or tolerating. Sounds simple? In reality the team is so in the weeds “doing” and “being” that they are not aware of what repeated patterns are helping and hindering them. 
  • We use a variety of assessments, depending on the team’s current and desired state. A popular one is the TCI suite of assessments, where we measure 14 factors of Team Productivity and Positivity. This accurately pin points the areas in which a team needs to focus on first to make the best progress towards the team goals.
  • We align team development with your business performance – ie KPIs.
  • We take a strengths approach to ensure we help harness the individual and collective diverse untapped talent on your team.

If your successful team is consistently and sustainably hitting its performance goals year after year, and doing so in a way that it’s team members and the employees that report to them are highly engaged and retained, then you may not need Churchill’s help.

If not, please contact us to explore where we can partner to help you achieve more sustainable growth and performance.

Remember that your most effective leaders and teams are often the most hungry to grow and need to be challenged and stretched!

Ready to talk with us?

We want to hear from you!  If you’re ready to increase employee engagement, talent growth and performance, then we can discuss the best approach to make that change. Churchill Leadership Group partners with organizations to provide best-in-class coaches and growth strategies for leadership and team development.