About Churchill Leadership Group

Churchill Leadership Group is a global coaching organization, founded with a passion for enabling untapped talent in the corporate and government worlds.

We prioritize Trust, Collaboration, and Constant Improvement in our partnership with you.

Churchill’s Mission

We empower leaders and teams to sustainably thrive! We believe we all deserve to be able to use our natural talents each day at work, but only 20% of us actually do. We partner with you to discover and develop those talents into strengths, plus build the relevant critical mindsets, behaviors, and soft skills leaders and teams need to succeed.

Churchill’s Approach

We partner to deliver customized solutions by:

  • Diagnosing the priority change you need
  • Understanding your purpose, culture, business, & talent
  • Providing the best coaches for your need
  • Delivering relevant, powerful learning solutions
  • Measuring success & celebrating progress!

Our Global Coaches Bring Relevant Leadership Experience and Credibility

Our 400+ Executive Coaches, Consultants, and Trainers truly care about your success. Bringing you rich experience and expert certifications, they quickly build trust and credibility to partner in achieving your desired transformation.


Our Strengths-Accelerated Approach to Talent Growth

We use CliftonStrengths® tools and real-world experience to accelerate the natural untapped talent in your people, achieving authentic and sustainable talent growth.


Our Focus On Customization and Outcomes

We expect your organization to receive significant benefits from our partnership. We bring a strong methodology for customization and for measuring results.


Our Diversity and Global Scalability

With coaches located across North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. We can scale delivery to meet your regional, language and cultural needs.


Our Flexibility & Agility

We bring you valuable thought leadership, customized solutions and a range of delivery options to meet your learners’ needs. All with flexibility as your needs change and evolve.


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Our Story

Jayne Jenkins is the founder and CEO of Churchill Leadership Group. After 23 years as a seasoned Fortune 500 leadership veteran, working for AstraZeneca and Sanofi-Aventis, Jayne recognized the need to unleash untapped talent in the corporate world. Through her work in the US and Europe, Jayne observed many leaders and teams struggling to reach their full potential. Jayne’s years of corporate experience included building high-performance sales and operations teams, including an organization delivering annual revenue of $600 million.

In 2012, Jayne’s mission was to build a global coaching organization that could partner with corporate and government clients to maximize the talent they are already paying for! Today, Jayne is a certified Executive, Team, Strengths, and Conversational Intelligence® Coach. She proudly leads Churchill’s global team of over 400 coaches and SMEs in North and Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.

“Our prestigious clients and their testimonials speak to the benefits of our partnership.We’re grateful to the many organizations who allow us to contribute to their amazing successes.” Jayne CEO and Executive Coach

Meet the Churchill Leadership Group Team

Arla Wallace, Finance Churchill Leadership Group

Arla Wallace
Finance & Contracts Director

Alyssa Camia, Assistant Churchill Leadership Group

Alyssa Camia
Operations & Project Director

Lisa Portscher, Coach Engagement Churchill Leadership Group

Lisa Portscher
Coaching Director & Business Development

Elena Pastore, Client Support Churchill Leadership Group

Elena Pastore
Producer & Coaching Support


Carol Simmonds
Executive Assistant

Martyn A Jenkins
Business Development and Advisor

Shawn Salazar
Marketing Projects & Graphic Design

Strategic Services & Advisory Team

Our Certifications

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We want to hear from you!  If you’re ready to increase employee engagement, talent growth and performance, then we can discuss the best approach to make that change. Churchill Leadership Group partners with organizations to provide best-in-class coaches and growth strategies for leadership and team development.