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“Working with the Churchill Leadership Group, we were able to profile our leadership team’s  strengths and better understand where we can maximize each member’s contribution. The workshop was fun, insightful, and changed how we will construct our creative and execution teams in the future. Lots of “ah-ha” moments! And lots more engagement from everyone since! “ CEO Digital Hands

Thanks again for two outstanding Communications workshops!  The team truly enjoyed the training and I believe that they received a lot of valuable information and ideas that they can now apply to better communicate. We look forward to seeing you guys again for the next workshop in the series – Coaching For Performance and Development! Best Julie, Julie Clement, PHR, SHRM-CP, VP HR 

Our Tiburon Development Executive Team  have been working with Jayne Jenkins and the Churchill Leadership Group for the past two years on a Strengths-based leadership development program to help us identify, leverage, and develop our strengths (exponentially different than wasting time focusing on our weaknesses).  This leadership development work (coaching and workshops) has been hugely beneficial in helping us mesh as a leadership team and in focusing our strengths on the strategic priorities that lie ahead for each of us. Daryl Holt Vice President/Group COO EA SPORTS 

I have found these coaching meetings with you to be incredibly empowering.  It is one thing to reflect upon the use of my strengths by way of journaling and spending more time focused upon them on my own, but it is quite another thing to have someone witness how I’m using them.  This allows me to think and process out loud, to experience my own learning and observations, and to then have that objective 3rd party offer their observations and name for me other ways of seeing how I’m evolving with the work….you’ve done that for me masterfully, and I have found that this has given me energy and refueled my spirit. I am grateful!!! Heartfelt thanks for your mindful guidance & wisdom, S.H. VP Corporate Diversity Strategy & Internal Operations, Sodexo

 When I first saw my Clifton StrengthsFinder® Top 5 they sounded “fluffy,” however because of the workshop with did with Churchill I realize how powerful my talents are and that I can use them to improve my team’s work-life as well as my own. Global Manager

The in-person Strengths session with our senior leadership team was wildly successful.  I’ve witnessed several of those present using the language we used on that day, and reinforcing their strengths in certain situations.  Specifically, our Vice President, which is a huge win for the team. Paypal Global 

Jayne’s gift for understanding people and uncovering their strengths is truly impressive!  With her personal coaching,  my Strengths were given life.  I became aware of how I could continue reaching my potential by leveraging my strengths and how my strengths could benefit my team, my organization and our customers. Her wisdom and experience has helped me define a path to become a better leader and contributor.  Thank you Jayne for the enlightening experience! I look forward to using this knowledge to deliver the highest impact in my career journey ahead! Kathy Y eBay Global Enterprise Technology

“At this point in my career, as I’ve been working in a specific field (PMO, etc) for a number of years, I found it was very easy to lose sight of my true ‘strengths’ and instead get mired down in the day to day details of ‘the job’ – many of which were not fully utilizing my strengths.  The program with Jayne has helped me to renew self-awareness of the areas where I am strongest and as a result, has rekindled my passion and drive to be the best I can be. “ J Wiley Snr Manager, Global Enterprise Technology PMO eBay Inc.

The 2015 theme for Raymond James’s Women’s Interactive Network is “Empower”. Jayne’s visit with our group highlighted the importance of empowering ourselves by identifying our unique strengths and putting them to work in our careers and our lives.   L.Ahern WIN committee Raymond James Financial Inc.

I strongly recommend Jayne Jenkins for any leader looking to get the best out of self, direct reports or overall team. Jayne helped us align our strategy, match talents and strengths to most appropriate functions, and leverage individual and unique talents within the team in order to achieve desired results and overall success. Jayne is simply Awesome! Rachid Zahidi CEO Sentinel Screening, Inc

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful presentation and support of our channel partner conference as guest speaker.  I had many partners comment on the segment saying that they had thoroughly enjoyed it and found it “very value added to personal growth and long term success”.  In fact, we ended up going for dinner later on and all of us had a fun sharing what our individual unique “Strengths” were.   Success in our business requires a true “team approach” and knowing the strengths of other team members allows us to communicate and work together more effectively.  I would highly recommend Jayne Jenkins & Churchill Leadership Group as an inspirational professional speaker for conferences where, you want a subject that is going to have a direct impact on individual performance while, at the same time, being thoroughly entertaining. “Helda Rodriguez  President  NovaCharge, LLC (Environmental/Auto Industry) 

 “As I approached the StandOut coaching session with Jayne Jenkins, I could not imagine how anyone could focus on my strengths, as I had spent most of my life critiquing myself constantly.  While I had always gravitated to tasks that leveraged my strengths, I never understood why. In just 90 minutes, she helped me understand the roles where I can bring the most value to my team and what I love to do so clearly,  I cannot imagine doing anything else!   Jayne kept me focused on my strongest assets – and how to leverage them to make the changes I knew I needed to make to improve my impact.  Instead of looking at these aspects as weaknesses, we focused on how to use my strengths to change in these areas.  What a refreshing approach!  I only wish I had this insight at the beginning of my career and cannot wait to engage my team in better understanding and leveraging their own strength roles.     I would recommend Jayne Jenkins’  Coaching to any executive wanting to improve their own impact and engage their team to improve productivity and business results.  There is no doubt in my mind that it will.  K. Stebbings, Director of Marketing, Roche Diagnostics, A Global Leader in Healthcare

Churchill’s contribution to our Annual GLobal Summit was very valuable and much appreciated by all of us. Thanks, it was very worthwhile!
Senior Director, Global Workplace Operations, eBay Inc

I found the Strengths Development coaching with Churchill Leadership Group to be extremely valuable. The piece which particularly resonated with me most was not only the philosophy of concentrating on your strengths rather that your weaknesses , but also how to recognise what your strengths actually are. In the 1:1 coaching with Jayne, I felt that my goals were understood and we really covered some great ground in identifying positive steps to take to reach these goals. Thanks for all your help.  BO EBay Leader Europe

 I am excited to write this recommendation for Jayne Jenkins. My work with her has been exemplary. She teaches, inspires and works from a program that is based off of a simple concept – we are all more effective, productive and happier playing to our strengths…and not over-focusing on weaknesses. I found this philosophy and the way that Jayne delivers it, to be very powerful, energizing and instinctively on base. I personally received an immediate boost from the program working with Jayne and she and I have continued to work together. I found Jayne and the program to be so effective, we are planning to implement with our company’s entire executive team. Jayne is one of the most professional and empowered people I’ve ever met or worked with and I strongly recommend her to any individual or team leader that is interested in bringing about transformative and energizing improvement. Year first hired: 2013 Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert  Allen Cleary COO Infusion Brands ” 

Jayne provided great guidance, education and coaching to ensure that the IT Management Team recognized and understood levers to improve Employee Engagement and Communication.  She is a wonderful resource  and brought tremendous value to enlightening and engaging our team.   HR Tech Data, Clearwater FL

Jayne,  The personal growth our organization has seen with your guidance, in the short period of time you have been working with us, has been nothing short of remarkable.  I believe the biggest area of improvement has been in the area of communication, resulting in a stronger cohesiveness among the senior staff.  I am hopeful that we can take this achievement and instill it throughout the rest of the organization.  Regards,  Dan Vice President Gas Turbine Efficiency

“I have been a people manager for over 10 years and during that time have been on many supervisor/management courses, however none have been as useful as our Strengths program. In previous courses I learned new information but often I felt it was trying to make me into something I am not. Strengths has been very insightful and has helped me find ways to accelerate the best of me (and manage my weaknesses) and to delegate based on the Strengths of my team members. This program is an authentic approach to management development and it works. Freddie Ulrichts eBay Inc Manager IT EMEA & APAC


I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jayne Jenkins as a personal business coach over the last 6 months. As CEO of a growing marketing firm, I frequently turn to my business partners for support & collaborative guidance in many areas; Working with Jayne has given me additional perspective & insights that I simply would not have otherwise gotten. Her professional, structured & caring approach to sorting through the issues I face as a business leader, her keen ability to listen, interpret & provide constructive ideas & solutions, have all contributed greatly to the growth I’ve experienced as a direct result of working with her. I would recommend Jayne as a highly competent & results-driven business coach to any person in a business leadership position.” Great results. Personable & high integrity – Cheryl Parrish CEO Marketing In Color.

 Jayne and the Churchill Leadership Group have a rare and tremendous ability to help leaders in many professions unlock hidden talents and undiscovered potential. They motivate teams through the strategic exploration of qualities, roles, and unseen or otherwise unknown strengths. I am personally impressed by the potency of her presentation and, more importantly, the measure of her fulfillment.Chad Warrick  Senior Wealth Advisor Five Star Financial Advisor Award Recipient – Summit Wealth

“Our company recently contracted with  Jayne Jenkins, President of Churchill  Group, to work with myself and the GTE Team on recognizing and improving our leadership and management skills.  From day one, when Jayne began to help us outline a strategy with the focus on “ our strengths”, I knew we had found the right partner. Whether through team sessions or one on one coaching, each of us has embraced and  found value in the tools provided. At the same time, we have improved our internal communications amongst ourselves with even a greater openness, a key to success. There is no doubt Jayne has assisted us in helping to further strengthen the foundation of our business.” Michael Thomas, President, Industrial Business Unit, Gas Turbine Efficiency

“If you have not contracted Jayne Jenkins, Churchill Leadership Group; then you have failed to take every reasonable step to improve your management team. Jayne shows uncommon insight and is gifted in seeing the strengths of not only the individual but of the team and coaxing the understanding and communication that is necessary for any team to be effective. Jayne has a thorough knowledge of business and its processes as well as business leaders and their abilities and will facilitate the individual’s and the team’s maturation into a formidable presence.” Fred Chamness Quality Director – Six Sigma Black Belt, CWI –  GTE (Engineering)

Churchill’s Strengths presentation really hit home with students who were able to see the value in being able to portray their strengths to employers during interviews. Students left the presentation asking about the next steps they could take to embrace the Strengths Approach! Jayne Jenkins is a very well-articulated speaker who maintains a strong connection with her audience throughout the presentation, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to make better use of their existing strengths ” University of Tampa 

The Strengths workshop content was very relevant for my career transition and job search. This skill building session focussed directly on something that will impact us. The take away is building on my Strengths will help my success. Staying on that path during the transition to a new role and even after acquiring the new job. Awesome, great presentation. Transition Executives Network, Florida.

Through Churchill’s leadership workshops I learned more about myself and how to become a more effective leader. I can now help my team  become more effective. A great mix of discussion, groups and videos for learning. I came away with a better understanding of recognizing, utilizing and how to better articulate my greatest value to my organization (strengths) and how to better engage our employees. Tampa Non-Profit Center Workshop Series 2013


Jayne Jenkins offers a great deal of insight through her StandOut strengths and executive leadership coaching. It is evident that she is passionate about her work and helping clients realize their full potential by capitalizing on their strengths and developing a keen self-awareness. Jayne has helped me identify areas where I can make the greatest impact and deliver the greatest value to my clients, my team and my organization, while being true to my strengths. I feel empowered by the results of my StandOut assessment and with Jayne’s help, have developed a roadmap for continued success and growth as an individual. Thank you Jayne!    JasmineJ PWC Health Industries,

 “I believe the happiness of a company’s staff determines whether or not their business is run like a well-oiled ship, and many don’t realize the value of investing in the people who make the wheels turn on a daily basis. But it’s not just to happy staff, it’s about keeping your business going in the right direction. Churchill Leadership Group’s effective assessment and coaching shows you the strengths of each of your team members, creating a window for management to decide how to fully utilize each person within the company. That is powerful.” Business Development Dir IMS (IMS – A leading provider of information, services & technology for the healthcare, in 100+ countries ).

“Jayne is an excellent coach who brings a deep knowledge of the Standout principles enhanced by an extensive business career, allowing her to provide clarity to my strengths, real world examples”   Paige L, Senior Manager, Charles Schwab 

What’s exciting to me is my attitude toward my work load.  While the work is immense and the expectations are intense, I find myself actually looking forward to working with others in our team to draw on our individual Strengths to get things done.  I no longer feel … “I have to do it alone”.  The best part is the others are responding the same way.  I feel strongly that the Strengths program into which you led us is foundational to us achieving higher goals with greater satisfaction.  I believe there are two programs that have given me the tools and motivation to become a better and happier employee, boss, husband, father, brother and fried.  They are this Strengths program and my Dale Carnegie training.  The Dale Carnegie taught me how to think and manage my thoughts.  The Strengths program has taught me what is important to think about and how to best approach my goals.  I firmly endorse Churchill Leadership Group, and particularly you, Jayne.  I found your knowledge, insight, understanding and guidance to be immeasurable during the program, & I am convinced these attributes contributed greatly to my results. B Knott Wood Group – VP Engineering 

Thank you very much, and I look forward to some follow-up conversations in the near future.

 Jayne was perhaps the most supportive and knowledgeable expert I have had the fortune to work with and I have worked with many over the last 25 years. Her pleasant demeanor and most skillful and expedient help…with problem solving was shared by virtually all of my physician associates working with the AstraZeneca…..”Dr Ralph LaForge – President Council for Clinical Lipidology, Board of Directors at National Lipid Association, Managing Director, Duke Lipid Clinic, Endocrine Division

“Jayne Jenkins consistently enabled me to think strategically to be more effective in this competitive market. She was an invaluable resource in managing strategic needs and enhancing our efforts to drive increased ROI. Jayne is detail oriented and ensures all activities are conducted according to compliance policies…..”Marketing Manager, Astra Zeneca

 “Jayne is a strategic thinker who views all aspects of a problem before coming to a conclusion. She is blessed with the unusual combination of big picture thinking and attention to detail. Jayne was a wonderful asset to her clients and both brand teams and external customers benefited from her great work. I greatly enjoyed working with Jayne and learned a lot from her.”Senior Director, Astra Zeneca