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Churchill Leadership Group specializes in Strength based leadership development. We identify the STRENGTHS in leaders & teams and “Turn that Talent into Performance.”  We use executive coaching, consulting, team workshops and inspirational talks to empower individuals and teams to act on their unique Strengths. The result: 56% higher success rate on customer loyalty
, 44% higher success in employee retention
, 50% higher success rate in productivity (Gallup 2002 Meta.)

Current Churchill clients include eBay, Paypal, EA Sports, Wood Group, AstraZeneca, Nestle, PWC and more.

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Services include:

Leadership Development – Enhancing leadership skills and accelerating leadership growth through Strength based leadership development. We use assessments, coaching and workshops to help individuals and teams understand and put their own Strengths to work every day. Leaders understand how to accelerate their performance and impact. Peers better understand each other better so communication increases and team members better rely on each other for what they do best.

We then build on top of this “authentic leadership” tailored to your needs. We teach you the additional skills you need including the following Leadership Competencies: Motivating, Negotiation, Collaboration, Delegation, Developing and Coaching Others, Communication, Decision Making plus more. The growth of individuals is accelerated as everyone is applying their authentic best. Results are immediate and sustainable and include greater employee engagement, higher productivity, talent management. Retention, communication and customer satisfaction increase because leaders are empowered and more effective. 

Executive Coaching FL and US – We help you as a leader “turn your talent into greater performance,” maximizing your personal brand and impact. 

Management Training Tampa FL and the US – Helping new and experienced mangers to more effectively engaged and develop their teams. We teach managers core skills on how to increase employee engagement so that each person more consistently wants to go above and beyond. We use team development solutions and experiential coaching to help managers grow so that they can deliver greater results. We focus managers on their unique individual talents through Strength based leadership development so managers see their best value to their team.

Talent Management & Succession Planning Consulting FL and USA – Effective strategies and tools to help you better understand the talent you have in your organization, focus on performance management and how you can maximize it for current performance and succession planning.

Women Leadership Development Consulting, Workshops and Coaching Leadership is leadership. However there are subtle differences, attributes of each that can be better understood and used to accelerated for greater performance. We have specific programs for individual women leaders and women’s groups (professional organizations and inside companies) to educate, inspire and empower women leaders.

Interview Skills & Hiring Great Talent & Career Coaching 

Inspirational Talks on the above topics plus:

Leading From Strengths – Getting The Best Out of YOU For Greater Performance !  

What Great Managers Do  (How best to manage people)

Leadership Starts With You (What is leadership and how to lead effectively)

Employee Engagement – What is it and how to do it to drive performance 

Understand and empowering the multiple generations in your organization.

Women need to ask! Negotiating for a more successful future

Lean In For Women – An Interactive and Educational Event That Has You Walking Away Empowered!

Getting to a Win-Win – Influence Effectively in All Areas of Your Life

The Brand Called “You” – Putting it into Action 

Acting Decisively – Capturing the Wisdom Around You

Strategic Networking – How Effective Leaders Make It Work

Thinking Like A Customer to Accelerate Your Impact 



Call 813-956-3445 or schedule a complimentary session to discuss your unique needs.