How do you “Turn Talent into Performance?”  We all have unique Strengths that can quickly be turned into greater performance. However today just 17% of us use these Strengths. With  assessments, coaching, inspirational talks & workshops we identify & build on Strengths so that you & your team are more productive, innovative & motivated, increasing your competitive edge.

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STRENGTH FINDERS & STAND-OUT “Understand and Maximize your Unique Strengths”  – WORKSHOPS & COACHING 


At “Churchill” we start by identify the top 2 STRENGTHS in you and your team and show you how to maximize them for your comparative edge at work and to  increase sustainable business performance. We then customize Leadership and Talent Development programs to meet your needs. Our goal is to turn “Talent into Performance” with an approach that lasts. 

At Churchill, we use a variety of assessment tools to identify Strengths including STAND OUT in order to develop more effective leaders in your organization. Created by Marcus Buckingham, NY Times best-selling author and Management Expert, who’s “Strengths Revolution” changed the business world.  Our experienced certified Executive Coaches use this and many more tailored solutions to bring you the stronger leaders you need for sustainable results and succession planning.  Churchill gives you practical business tools that fit your Strengths & provides managers ongoing support to get better performance from themselves & each member of their team. Here are some real life business value examples we have experienced: 

Task: As CEO you have to decide, “Should I buy company X?”

Solution – Who on your team is an ADVISOR?  Your Advisor is your practical, concrete thinker who is most powerful when they are reacting to and solving other people’s problems.  This person is constantly on the look out for information that will help you make better decisions. They pay attention to fine details as they realize that is what’s needed when important decisions are to be made. Knowing this makes them invaluable to you and your business when a tough decision, problem or client is keeping you up at night.  Your Advisor will help you understand in a commonsense, clear and specific way.  You can alleviate yourself worry and work by leveraging your Advisor and at the same time this team member will appreciate team you seeking them out for their expertise and good judgment. 

Task: Your Company is behind on its Q3 revenue goal. You need to quickly close a specific client and have PO in hand. What do you do?

Solution – This is a challenge for your INFLUENCER!  Your team member with this Strength Role is driven by the need for progress and attuned to momentum.  They are often charming but direct and are energized by resistance. This individual will help you get past such a roadblock, one that is likely frustrating many others on your team.  Their strength is in their ability to persuade and inspire clients to take a step to make something happen. Be sure to invest the time of your Influencers with your important clients as they take the time to create the relationships needed and to understand your customers needs very well. When on a ride they will take people with them.

Task:  As an Executive Leader you need to bring on a new team member and get them up to speed fast, but you already swamped with other competing priorities!

Solution – Use your CONNECTOR!  The Connector Strength Role is a multiplier and master at bringing two things together. They are your catalyst to speed up such a task and will have the new team member feel “part of your organization” fast. They will be naturally inquisitive about your new hire, their skills, background and uniqueness, insight that can help you. Your Connector is positive and passionate and this will rub off on any new team member. You will see the new hire quickly introduced to other team members so that working relationships can start sooner.  This will save you time as your Connector’s high resourcefulness makes sure the new hire has what they need to be effective quicker.

Task: The team has a tough decision to make that involves ethical issues.

 Solution – Leverage your EQUALIZER.  Your Equalizer is the level headed one on your team. They love ethical dilemmas! They want to see the world in balance, logically and ethically.  They are predictable and consistent and are concerned with who has the “right” to do things.  They will help you bring order to this situation and will speak their values. Your Equalizer will bring certainty and responsibility to your team. This team member has a high sense of fairness and so you know what they will do is right.

Task:  You have inherited a complex business situation and if the situation is not understood and improved you are at risk of losing a large client.

Solution – You would be wise to have one of your CREATORs take a lead on this challenge. A Creator wants to make sense of things, break them down and make them better. They are at their best when analyzing what happened and why. They will ask the relevant questions and will show true interest in solving the problem. You can be confident they will want to dig in deep to understand and not make assumptions. Thoughtful at first, your Creator will be relentless to provide an effective solution to this challenge.

Task – As the team leader you seem to be working harder than anyone else on your team, yet your business results are still not to goal.

Solution – Let the Strength Roles on your team free up your schedule. One of the many over arching benefits of knowing and applying your “Strength Roles” is your ability and confidence to delegate more often. You may have a team that works hard but if much of that time is spent on “weakening” activities versus invested in Strength Roles, then simply results are not as good. After partnering with “Churchill Leadership Group you will be able to effectively delegate the right work to the right person. The benefit is this allows you to focus on revenue generating tasks, take time for critical thinking, and be with your family and doing the activities you love.