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“Churchill Leadership Group was built on a foundation that starts with our client’s untapped Strengths. We believe each leader is unique and has untapped talents that can be applied for greater confidence, authentic leadership and performance impact. Churchill works with leaders and teams to bring solutions to their challenges and to turn talent into performance using executive coaching,  leadership tools and workshops for sustainable results.”

The Churchill Leadership Group is made up of 40+ proven Executive Coaches and skill building workshop facilitators who can take your company to the next level by accelerating the growth of your leaders, managers and teams. Below are just some…

The result of working with “Churchill” is employees will enjoy a heightened sense of confidence and ownership in their work, and want to go above and beyond. When fully engaged, 72% of employees believe they can positively impact customer service. They are more concerned about the company’s welfare, demonstrated in the fact that 68% of highly engaged employees look for ways to impact costs within their job or unit.  

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Jayne Jenkins, Founder/CEO. Certified Executive Coach (ACTP, ACC ICF) and Strengths Coach (Gallup, TMBC)

Jayne is a certified Executive Coach (ACTP, ICF) and global Gallup and Marcus Buckingham Strengths coach and facilitator and has worked with worldwide experts at Gallup (Strengths Finder) and TMBC (Buckingham). Jayne is a Fortune 500 Leadership business veteran working for Exxon, AstraZeneca and Sanofi-Aventis. Over 23 years Jayne refined her team development and leadership capabilities, and built finely tuned teams of 120+ people, responsible for delivering revenue of over $600M /yr.  Through her effective leadership and talent development, results included an increased market share of a $4 billion business unit from 32 to 41% in four years. Jayne has also been a successful leader in Marketing and Strategic Operations which translates to her effectiveness in key business areas.

Jayne founded the “Churchill” an Executive Coaching, Leadership and Team Development Organization to provide lasting results to organizations in the areas of Leader and Manager Development, Team Effectiveness and Employee Engagement. Churchill’s global team  of 40+ experienced certified coaches all have extensive business leadership backgrounds, providing  trusted experts understand what our clients are going through. This real world experience combined with certified expertise transforms leaders and teams for results that last.

Strength based leadership development has been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies because they have seen the positive and sustainable results. Companies include Pfizer, Hilton, Facebook, Chic-fill-A, CocaCola, Cisco, ESPN, Microsoft and Best Buy. Churchill’s clients are EBay, Paypal, Nickelodeon, Techdata, EA Sports, AstraZeneca, Medtronic, Nestle Health, Wood Group, PWC, Roche, Wellcare, Sodexo and Passport Health.

Jayne proudly serves President of the “Healthcare Business Woman’s Association FL,” an international organization for building stronger women leaders. Jayne inspires and develops global women leaders at eBay and PayPal and is active in WITI, WID, WEL, CFHLA, TBTF. Outside of work Jayne spends as much time as possible with her family and friends. She loves boating, fishing, global travel and practicing her faith and yoga. A proud dual citizen of the USA and UK she is constantly looking to learn and push the boundaries of what is possible for herself and Churchill’s clients.

Martyn, Director, Influencer and Advisor

Martyn comes to Churchill Leadership Group with over 28 years of successful Leadership and Business Development in large US organizations and start-ups. His STRENGTH ROLES of Influencer and Advisor have enabled Martyn to achieve continued success in high pressured, dynamic, international business environments. His leadership and development of large sales and multi-functional teams in organizations such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sanofi–Aventis, Cardinal Health and IMS is based upon collaboration and motivating people to stay focused by creating a common vision and unifying teams to exceed goals. Martyn has a reputation as the go-to person for unearthing creative and practical solutions where there is underperformance and institutionalizing the resolution so it becomes sustainable.

Jack MBA, NLP, CPC, EL-MP, Certified Professional Coach, Executive Coach and Author.

Jack has a portfolio of success stories from organizations that have benefitted from his no-nonsense individual and group coaching and training to stop internal and external conflict, increase productivity, and create a harmonious work culture. Such organizations include General Motors, Veterans Administration and the New York City Police Department. For executives, Jack has been instrumental in discovering blocks of energy and guiding them to reach their true potential. Jack brings to his coaching assignments a rich and comprehensive background mentoring public- and private-sector leaders worldwide for more than 30 years. As a veteran US Army Commander, Rescue Helicopter Pilot, Police Officer, and Emergency Management Executive, Jack has been responsible for the success of multi-national organizations and leadership teams charged with the critical decisions that affect thousands of lives. As a currently trained FranklinCovey Facilitator, Jack has the ability to incorporate “The 7 Habits of Highly effective People, The 5 Choices, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and Great Work Great Career” with his coaching. Trained at the iPEC institute.  Jack has coached >1000 clients. 


Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Instit. Professional Excellence in Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) Gestalt Institute, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (EL-MP) MS Bus. Admin, BS Aeronautics, US Armies Command and General Staff College.

Traci, Executive Coach

Traci has 20 years of work experience in a varied career background involving teaching, consulting, managing, counseling, coaching and dance. Her prior professional career encompasses three distinct yet related career paths, teaching, consulting, coaching and counseling. She uses her expertise and experience in these different areas to facilitate and choreograph accelerated movement and change in people’s lives and businesses.

While in graduate school Traci had the opportunity to train in the Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) under Dr. Scott Walker. NET is a body energy technique that identifies sub-conscious blocks and clears them. Over the years she has continued to study a variety of other mind-body and energy psychology techniques and combines those with the her knowledge of NET. Traci holds a Bachelors in Education and a Master and Specialist degrees in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Florida. She is a Certified Professional Coach and a Nationally Certified Counselor. Instructing courses on a variety of topics including conflict resolution, stress management and organizational change to name a few.

Daniel, Strategic Speaker, Author and Coach

Daniel is our expert on Strategic Planning, Productivity and Leadership. He is a dynamic speaker that consistently engages his audience until the end. Offering over 10 years of international experience as a keynote speaker, he understands the importance of providing golden nuggets for participants to take away and implement. As an author, Daniel has written many coaching programs such as: “Productivity and Leadership (PAL)” program and the “Long Term Strategic Plan of Action” program. 

As a seasoned entrepreneur with experience in both the public and private arenas, Daniel has a unique ability to connect with people on a level that enables him to give them tools. These are strategic tools in setting personal and corporate goals, building on one’s strengths, increasing productivity and motivating oneself and others. Daniel has a gift for asking tough questions, challenging personal comfort zones and engaging his clients to take action in a way that will benefit them and their organization the most. He couples these abilities with a uniquely effective coaching style. Daniel has been a CEO and director in a variety of industries both in domestic and international markets. The advantage to his clients is that he is well versed in the understanding of small to very large organizational needs and issues and successfully supports an organization’s growth by working with their key leaders. Daniel is fluent in both French and Spanish and has extensive training and education include 14 years with the Royal Bank Financial group coupled with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and masters in the field of communication, interpersonal relations and leadership of self and others.

Dian, MBA, Professional Certified Coach and Certified Strengths-Based Leadership Coach

Dian has been working with Gallup’s Strengths Finder in organizations since 2001, having been certified in 2006 and recertified in 2013. Including leading a strengths-based selling program at a regional bank, which resulted in a 20% improvement in overall sales. The majority of her coaching practice involves strengths-based leadership development. Dian is also certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Emotional Competency Inventory (ECI), DiSC, and also uses the Enneagram. Dian’s clients always have significant new awareness and success when they apply their strengths to their most pressing and challenging goals. 

Dian is a Ph.D. candidate at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, Calif., as well as an adjunct faculty member in Fielding Graduate University’s Evidence Based Coaching Program. Dian also holds a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation. 

Jean, Certified Advanced Leadership/Stand Out/Strengths Finder Coach

As a proven leader in performance, project and change management, Jean has spent over 15 years successfully helping leaders navigate change and re-energizing organizations through end-to-end strategic consultation and process improvement. Jean is extremely adept at assessing the performance drivers of organizations, and identifying Strengths, opportunities, and winning strategies for performance improvement leveraging innovative thinking. Jean delivers on these strategies through a focused Strengths-based methodology. 

Her experience also includes financial planning and forecasting, strategic client and volunteer engagement development, talent acquisition and contingency planning.  Jean was a finalist for the Ventana Performance Management Award in 2007, which recognizes individuals who have demonstrated strong business leadership. She holds an Advanced Leadership Certification through St. Catherine University, is a Certified Stand Out coach, Strong Manager Trainer through Marcus Buckingham Company and Strengths Finder certified expert.

Jean thrives on the thrill of helping others connect and is the founder of Network Buzz, a 600-member and growing networking organization that provides the platform for meaningful connections between Twin Cities professionals. She also spends her spare time competing in duathlons and represented the USA at the 2008 Duathlon World Championship in Rimini, Italy. Inspired by the wisdom of Lao-Tzu, Jean believes that the journey of a thousand miles really does begin with just one step.

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