Myth Busters

Together, we bust through the myths of business success and redefine your team’s capabilities and capacity for success.

Myth #1  – As we grow we change  

Truth – as we grow we don’t change our personality and intrinsic STRENGTHS, rather we become more and more of what we already are. The key is to know how to channel it.
Myth #2  – We grow the most in the areas we are weakest

Truth – This is what we are taught early on. Example, if your child’s grade report has 4 “A”s, 3 “B”s  & an “F.”  Where does your attention go? 77% of parents say the “F.”  We cannot ignore it, however the truth is we grow the most where we are already strong. We may improve a weakness, but it will take a ton of effort with limited results. Our true potential lies in our natural strengths & that is where we will see giant leaps of learning and effectiveness.

Myth #3 – My team needs me to put my strengths aside & do what the team needs.

Truth – No! The team needs you to volunteer your strengths and use them most of the time. Great teams do this. Team members should not just “chip in” rather they need to be all they can be and rely on each other for the same (analogy – the uniquely different strengths and roles on a football team).