Inspirational Talks on the Following Topics:

Churchill Leadership Group specializes in Strength based leadership development. We identify the STRENGTHS in leaders & teams and “Turn that Talent into Performance.”  We use executive coaching, consulting,  team workshops  and inspirational talks to empower individuals to act on their unique Strengths. The result: 56% higher success rate on customer loyalty
, 44% higher success in employee retention
, 50% higher success rate in productivity (Gallup 2002 Meta.)

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Together we then build sustainable skills that accelerate those Strengths so that you are getting the very BEST out of you and your team.  

  • Leadership Development
  • Management Training
  • Talent Management Consulting
  • Succession Planning Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Interview Skills & Hiring Great Talent & Career Coaching 
  • Women Leadership Development Consulting, Workshops and Coaching
  • Leading From Strengths – Getting The Best Out of You For performance !  
  • Women need to ask! Negotiating for a more successful future
  • Getting to a Win-Win – Influence Effectively in All Areas of Your Life
  • The Brand Called “You” – Putting it into Action 
  • Acting Decisively – Capturing the Wisdom Around You
  • Strategic Networking – How Effective Leaders Make It Work
  • Thinking Like A Customer to Accelerate Your Impact 
  • Managing Your Entrepreneur Anxiety So It Doesn’t Get In Your Way
  • What Great Managers Do  (How best to manage people)
  • Leadership Starts With You (what is leadership and how to lead effectively)
  • Employee Engagement – what is it and how to do it to drive performance