My passion has always been to understand human motivation and help others follow through on their intentions and to provide excellent performance in their work. My coaching clients tend to magnify their weaknesses and diminish their strengths. The Clifton StrengthsFinder is a well-researched solution that helps them better understand themselves – the way they are naturally ‘wired’. The Gallup framework helps my clients understand that other people don’t have the same strengths they do. I show them how to leverage their own strengths and ways to work around those areas they are not as naturally strong in to get their desired outcome.


  • M. Ed., CPC
  • Gallup Certified Executive Coach

Past Clients/Industries:

I’ve specialized in finance, insurance, and real estate, but have also helped entrepreneurs in the fitness industry, in technology, and in construction; as well as medical providers and a pharmaceutical company.

About Keith Baldwin:

My Master’s degree in Adult Learning with an emphasis on Human Resource Development and Leadership provides a solid foundation for my work, as well as 26 years’ experience in the Financial Services industry.

For more than 15 years, I’ve been helping others drill down to the daily tasks needed to achieve their goals and to focus on strategies to ensure that these tasks are consistently completed on a DAILY basis. I provide tactful accountability, and intuitive guidance to help them overcome obstacles.