My commitment to my clients is to speak truth into their lives, influencing them into the fullness of their potential.


  • Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach (Accelerated Course)


My commitment to my clients is to speak truth into their lives, influencing them into the fullness of their potential. Top achievers all have one thing in common: they’ve learned what they do well naturally and have learned to do MORE of it. For my small business clients, especially those leading franchised or previously formulated enterprises, I come alongside to help make the connection between what they’re seeking to accomplish and who they’re naturally wired to be. I take them along a journey of guided self-discovery that unravels the joys they experience and the pain they feel, in order to increase the former and minimize the later. For small business leaders to stand out amongst the rest, they must be especially intentional about understanding the complexities of all people – themselves, those they work alongside, those they serve and those they need to form strategic partnerships with. Sustainable business models and plans must be formulated but each leader will go about this process differently. Through coaching, I help my clients to unravel each of these realities that are unique to them, empowering them to aim their strengths at their professional endeavors as well as their daily lives (a huge contributor to their success) inevitably leading to greater achievement in their business operations and overall victory and satisfaction in life.

Past Clients/Industries:

Real Estate, Durable Consumer Goods, Direct Sales Small Business Owners, Online Marketing Consulting, Professional Services/Consulting, Human Resources, Professional Catering Services, Multi-national Non-profit, Independent entrepreneurs in Entertainment as well as Speaking arena

About Darah Wilson:

My first exposure to the power of understanding and living your strengths was during my 6 years experience working in Human Resources when my employer brought onboard a 360 consultant. Of the numerous tools and coaching sessions provided, it was StrengthsFinder that stood out amongst the rest. As the Hiring Manager of one of the largest non-profit organizations in America, I learned how teams, leaders and individuals operating in their Strengths find greater satisfaction and are able to reach higher levels of performance in both their professional and personal lives. The value of StrengthsFinder being so undeniable, coupled with a found natural ability to lead others into deeper understanding of their strengths, I decided to eventually go on to become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach myself!