Why STRENGTH based leadership development ?

We believe there is so much un-tapped potential in business leaders and teams so that is WHY we turn talent into performance for your organization. Employees who use their STRENGTHS everyday at work yield amazing & consistent results. Our leadership development, motivational executive coaching, consulting & workshops focus on quickly identifying the STRENGTHS in your leaders & teams & applying them to increase productivity & employee retention. 

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Fortune 500 companies Pfizer, Hilton, Facebook, Chic-fill-A, Coca Cola, Cisco, Microsoft & Best Buy invest in the “Strength Movement.”

Churchill Leadership Group was founded by a Fortune 500 Leadership veteran with 23-years of driving results in some of the largest companies in the world, Jayne Jenkins.   Working with companies AstraZeneca and Sanofi-Aventis, Jayne refined her team development solutions and leadership capabilities, and built finely tuned sales teams of 100+ people responsible for delivering over $600 million in annual sales.  Together, with Strength based leadership development, they increased market share of a $4 billion business unit from 32 to 41% in just four years. In addition, Jayne was successful in Marketing, Operations and Training / Talent Management roles, which translates to her understanding and effectiveness in many key areas of business.

 Jayne founded “Churchill Leadership Group,” a Strengths based Leadership Development Consulting and Coaching Company. Churchill’s mission is to “Turn Talent Into Performance.”  The focus is on increasing Leadership and Team Effectiveness by identifying individual’s STRENGTHS & maximizing them in the workplace, so that corporate teams enjoy the same outstanding results she has seen. 

 Jayne worked with renowned international author and STRENGTH’s expert Marcus Buckingham (Now Discover Your Strengths/First Break All the Rules/STAND OUT) and his organization to become a certified “Master Strength Coach & Workshop Facilitator.” She also proudly serves as President-Elect of the “Healthcare Business Woman’s Association Florida,” an International organization & premier catalyst for women leadership development.

“Churchill” provides highly personalized talent management consulting and leadership and management training solutions for your company that result in enhanced performance of teams.  “Churchill’s” coaching & workshops are heavily inspirational & “skill-formational,” creating higher productivity by identifying & engaging the untapped STRENGTHS on your team. The positive effect continues long term with the coaching tools  provided to managers. The result ? Increased and sustainable productivity, innovation and talent retention.


The data is decisive – when people are able to play to their strengths every day, individuals and companies see better results in many areas. For decades, The Gallup Organization has conducted ongoing workplace surveys around the world to explore what makes managers and teams great. These surveys have posed thousands of different questions to leaders in 8,000 business units & measured answers against 5 key business outcomes:

  • Turnover/Retention 
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Productivity
  • Safety
  • Profits

 Conclusion – 1 question has shown the greatest correlation to the most business outcomes:

 At work, do you have the chance to do what you do best every day?

 Teams whose members strongly agree are:

  • 50% more likely to have low employee turnover
  • 38% more likely to be high-productivity teams
  • 44% more likely to earn high customer satisfaction scores

Unfortunately only 2 out of 10 people answer “yes,” & less than 25% of employees say their managers discuss their Strengths in performance reviews. (Jrnl of Applied Psychology vol 87, pp 267-278).

 This huge STRENGTH opportunity drives the mission of Churchill Leadership Group. Turning talent into performance by focusing on STRENGTHS is the surest way to greater job satisfaction and increased performance. That’s why we are dedicated to providing Strengths-based leadership development and team development solutions that empower managers do one thing:  Leverage STRENGTHS to perform in a sustainable and profitable manner.

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